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Recipes from www.don-guitar.com
We have to avoid foods made with wheat, corn and/or milk so we're pretty much forced to cook most of our meals.   Fortunately that's not really a problem because we both love to cook and, since we both also love to experiment, we create many of our own recipes.   The best of those recipes show up here once we've prepared them often enough to call them favorites.   Whether or not you have food sensitivities, there's bound to be something here which will delight your taste buds.

Steak Seasoning Poultry Seasoning Hamburger Soup Beer Batter
Great Tuna Salad Geekarowny Apricot-Chipotle Chicken Calavacita
Bread Crumb Lasagna "Uncorn" Bread Crab Cakes Crumby Peaches
Multigrain Biscuits UnCornDogs Zucchini Lasagna French Dressing
Breakfast! Fauxtmeal Cookies Dark Chocolate Cake -