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Our Recording Hardware
Paul Williams and I were in High School together in Seaside, California back in nineteenmumble.   In 2010 he tracked me down on the internet and we've been trading occasional emails since then.   Paul sent me copies of a few great recordings he's made over the years and my desire to reciprocate finally gave me enough incentive to set up an Open Source, computer based recording system to use at live performances.

By now we're on our third computer though none were purchased new, all were 'windfall' machines that people gave us, and this is the latest:

  Dell, Dimension 4700, desktop tower
  CPU:   3.20 GHz, Pentium 4
  RAM:   2 GB
  HDD:   500 GB
  Open Source (free) Operating System:   Debian Squeeze w/Xfce 4
  Open Source (free) Recording Software:   Audacity 1.3.12-beta

NOTE:   If you'd like to set one of these up for yourself, drop me a line (from our contact page) and I'll be delighted to talk you through it.   It's not a difficult process but would be very challenging for someone with no Linux experience so you scrounge up a machine that has a processor speed of at least a GHz, with at least a GB of RAM and a 40 GB or larger Hard Disk Drive (HDD) and permit me to supply you with the expertise for the price of an email.   If email won't get it done, I've got Google Voice so it'll cost me little or nothing to contact you by telephone.

Mixer:   Behringer, Eurorack, UBB1002

Microphone:   Sennheiser, E 845-S
(2 each, 12 feet apart on 8 ft boomstands, 20 to 30 feet from the stage)

I had a Brand New M-Audio card that I bought from zzounds.com about three years ago which didn't work when I finally got around to taking it out of the box.   I knew it was long since out of warranty but didn't expect to be unable to get regular service on it.   Their service requirements are clearly designed to encourage users to just throw it away and buy another one.   They insisted I produce a receipt (proving that I was the first owner of the card, where I bought it and that I paid full retail price for it) before they'd issue a Return Authorization for extremely overpriced factory service.   I'll be a very cold day in a remote province of Hades before I ever again have anything to do with M-Audio products but the on-board sound on every computer we've used so far has been more than adequate to our needs.

This machine has been retired and I lost interest in recording so I've never replaced it but I'm still a dedicated Linux user, currently rocking Linux Mint 18.3 (4/14/2021) which I'll probably update to 19.2 sometime this year. :)

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