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#207 April 1, 2016 from
First off, I don't 'do' April Fools so there'll be none of
that nonsense here.  I didn't have time to publish last
month and while we're still fairly busy, I have most of
today free so I'm going to try and get an issue out.

Off we go...


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My time-killer on the computer, when I'm waiting for things,
taking my mind off of a problem or just wanting to unwind
for a few minutes is one or another game, usually the card
game, Hearts. I recently spent a couple of days working on a
computer that didn't have any games on it. I spent a lot of
time waiting for scans and updates so I found some online
alternatives for my favorite card game.
Incidentally, the last one above, on rollapp, is a perfect
online 'clone' of the Gnome Hearts game I usually play on
my Linux computer. I guess that's as it should be, given
that RollApp offers and entire virtual desktop loaded with

A couple of interesting sites which came up in the search
for online Hearts games were this one, where you can find
the rules to pretty much any card game you've ever heard

...and this site, which uses art to promote social justice.

NASA's Discovery Program.

Discovery Science.

Discovery Life.


Project Exploration.

Exploration on the radio.

Adventure Journal.

Who's up for an online Role Playing Game?

Ã\96tzi the iceman, from the South Tyrol Museum of Archaeology.

Sterling EQ is a very talented group of femaile musicians
from South Africa.
Their website is pretty slick but nowhere near as
interesting as their youtube channel.

Michael Thornley's collection of Google tricks.

The art of Helen Trimarco-Ransome.

Musicians who play guitar, ukulele, mandolin or even some
other, less well known, stringed instrument often have a
need for chord charts and that usually involves a google
image search, copy/pasting and scaling (or editing) but now
it's a lot easier because of this free software which is
available for whatever computer you happen to be using.

Yohan Kim is a talented young pianist. [youtube dot com]

Alex DePue is a talented musician.

Dr Sandra Lee is also known as Dr Pimple Popper. If you
don't have a fairly strong stomach, please don't watch
any of these videos.

How many days until (pick an event or holiday).

Seven Zen stories that (ostensibly) could open your mind. [lifehacker dot com]


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Short and sweet and it only took me a couple of hours. Nice
to have had a couple of hours (for a change). Now I have to
go finish building a cover for the seat of my lawn tractor
(I'm tired of having to clean off the bird lime before I
can mow the lawn) and then we have grocery shopping to get
done.  Hi Ho!  See you next time.



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