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#201 September 1, 2015 from
I've made a few minor repairs on ukuleles for member's of
Lisa's Highland Lakes Ukulele Club.
One club member brought me a baritone ukulele which was in
especially poor condition. Over the years, string tension
on the bridge had badly warped the top so badly that it
couldn't be repaired. I removed the bridge but it was
secured with both glue and screws so some wood, from the
top, came with it and it left the top pitted. I filled
the pits with fine sawdust which I then saturated with
superglue making a strong, sand-able but ugly patch and
sanding it down did a great deal of additional damage
to the original finish. So, after I finished repairing
the wood, Lisa borrowed some acrylic paints from an artist
friend and artistically painted over the damage.  Here's
her blog post with photos. [blogspot dot com]
Painting the uke got her interested in painting again (after
a 40 year hiatus) so she bought some inexpensive acrylic
paints (on eBay) and then developed a severe case of sticker
shock over the cost and complexity of canvas. After a few
days of research she decided that the most affordable thing
she could paint would be river rocks and simultaneously
developed an interest in pointilism (dot painting). [blogspot dot com] [blogspot dot com]
When she started painting rocks the prospect of selling her
work didn't really occur to her but since she made a sale,
she's been painting rocks like crazy. :)


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Dolly Parton is a pretty awesome lady overall.

Public domain films, available free online. [openculture dot com]

I was trying to add some musical notes to a post on facebook
the other day ( âTM« ) and found this website.

A social media search engine.

Just in case you need the right ambient sound be help you be

I signed up but have yet to actually use it (meh).

Ever have a song stuck in your head that just won't go away?
This has never actually happened to me but it happens to
Lisa all the time. She finds this site to be helpful.

Presley Barker is one seriously good young guitarist.

I hate, hate, hate the pop-up on this site (and, for that
matter, all pop-ups) but some of these DIY projects look
like they might be fun to try.

Between couch surfing...
and zipcar...
Vacationing on a shoe string seems to have become a lot
easier than it used to be.

Warning: Successful dog rescue video. :)

I love games... I hate games. This one seemed difficult.

The internet has ruined me for any video presentation that
lasts longer than five minutes or so. I wonder if "youtube
syndrome" is an official diagnosis? I've watched a couple
of movies online (when they were free) and once in a rare
while I'll watch an eighteen minute TED talk but it takes
a really good video to keep me from becoming impatient after
a few minutes. So, the free month these folks are offering
sounds good but I'm not sure I'd ever take advantage of it.

Speaking of TED talks... [ted dot com]

However you choose to spell it, Por-Bajin looks fascinating.


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Here's the last of the large collection of sites sent in
by reader Lesley Wilson.

Type in the name of your favorite band or musical artist
and this site will give you a large collection of similar

Paste in something you've written and this site will tell
you what other authors write in a similar manner.

Who do you need a gift for? Here's your search engine.

An interesting site (with an annoying pop-up) on being

A personal finance blog.

This online news site seems to have less spin-warp than
some I've seen.

A haven for tech-savvy DIY enthusiasts.

Old pictures.

Pictures of the month from the Boston Globe.

New Scientist online.

A compendium of tech/modern day stuff.

Foodie-porn sites. :)

Advice for the life-lorn.

If your house was on fire, what would you want to save?

Other people's homes.

Yet another pop-up begging you to subscribe, but a great
site in spite of it.

An online, plain text (no video or images) news aggregator.

Mental Floss.

A blog on retirement, more or less.

A collection of studious material.

Personal letter written by famous people.

Thanks Lesley!


Today is something of an anniversary for us. My wife Lisa
was one of my ezine readers before she came to Texas and
changed both of our lives in a very positive and wonderful
way. She arrived in Texas in a U-Haul truck with her dog
Cee Cee on August 31st, 2004. Love is the brass ring on
life's merry-go-round and it's a little like lightening.
It can strike anywhere, anytime so, if you don't have
someone special in your life, never give up hope.
See you next time!



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