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#224 September 1, 2017 from
Here in central Texas all we saw of hurricane Harvey was a
couple of days of sprinkling rain and light wind gusts
but, as I'm sure you've seen in the news, many Texas
coastal cities were hard hit and are still experiencing
serious flooding. Small communities all over the state
are organizing to provide food and housing for refugees
from the coast. Inks Lake State Park, near us, has about
fifty refugee families staying there with more arriving
regularly. Unable to handle the influx of people showing
up with cars and trucks loaded with food and supplies,
the park authorities have designated several area churches
who will provide food and supplies to the refugees. Lisa
and I spent four hours at the Kingsland First Baptist
Church today just sorting and organizing things that have
been donated. Every few minutes another car or truck drove
up and unloaded boxes and bags full of goods. Several area
organizations are posting online lists of the items most
needed by refugees who're staying in this region. We've
also made several monetary donations and put ourselves on
a list of people volunteering to help in whatever way
we're able in the coming weeks. We sure are living in
interesting times, aren't we?


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Microsoft left all the games out of Windows 10 and some
folks miss them. Here's the Windows 7 games pack. [winaero dot com]

The 8 Bit Guy collects and restores all sorts of vintage
computers and gaming gizmos. I enjoy his youtube videos.

Online surveys aren't a good deal if you feel you ought to
be paid the minimum wage (they don't even come close) but
if you have more time than money and plenty of free time
they can at least bring a few dollars a month.

Nerd Alert! The University of Texas has a new Super
Computer. [utexas dot edu]

I've suspected all along that bass players were very
important members of the band. [guitarworld dot com]

Here is a very cool collection of music which has been
digitized from 78 RPM records and cylinder recordings.

The Empty Pockets is an interesting musical group. [youtube dot com]

Advanced space exploration.

Bill Nye the Science Guy. "Everything All At Once".

How to recover corrupted files from your USB Drive. [thewindowsclub dot com]

40 legendary Cleveland concerts you can listen to right now
(free, online). [cleveland dot com]

I don't remember what I was looking for on youtube when I
encountered the Shake Em Up jazz band but I'm in love with
these fine, talented ladies. They're wonderful musicians. [youtube dot com search]

I'm guessing there's a web designer out there who really
dislikes this song.

You know those click-bait sites you see mentioned on social
media sites where they used a dozen or more ad-filled pages
to tell you a one or two page story? Yep, this is one of
those but some of the stories aren't bad.

Five free downloads that Kim Komando feels every student
needs. [komando dot com]

Here's a pretty good list of sites where you can donate to
help the victims of hurricane Harvey.

A hundred days of ukulele songs from Cynthia Lin.


Here's some stuff from Lisa:

There's a robust desktop publisher, for free.
and a good tutorial demonstrating what it can do.

We heard a wonderful song. You'll like it, too.

You can sell junky stuff on ebay. [countryliving dot com]

Have you heard of Grandpa Mason the feral cat?
He's quite famous, you know.

Some of the best charities for Hurrican Harvey relief. [businessinsider dot com]

15-year-old Gabe Fleishman writes one of the best
political newsletters in the country. I get it in
my inbox every day, and so do thousands of others. [nytimes dot com]

Next To Last Word (from Lisa):

Can't say I don't have adventures. At 2am in the morning
one night this week I got into bed and experienced my
first scorpion sting. Nailed me on the thigh. I knew
exactly what it was from the stories I'd heard and went
searching in the sheets. I sent the little bugger to
his eternal home. It was pretty painful, but endurable.

We turned the computer back on and searched for advice.
I put a cold pack on it three times for 10 minutes each,
took 2 Benadryl and 2 ibuprofen tablets. Relief in about
an hour, then I fell asleep. Woke up with no after effects.

Usually I'm really sensitive to bites and stings, this
time I lucked out. Texas scorpion stings are normally
considered painful but not particularly dangerous.
Adventures at 2am have lost their luster.


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Last word (from Don):

Two weeks ago this Monday I got a new, spiffy upper dental
appliance (I'd call it false teeth but my dentist would be
mortally offended I'm sure). She pulled four of my six
remaining upper teeth and put a brand new dental appliance
in my mouth. By the next day I was in a lot of pain but she
made some minor adjustments and I've worn it ever since
(except when I'm cleaning it). She insisted I wear it all
the time while my gums are healing to prevent my two
remaining upper teeth from shifting (because they serve to
anchor the appliance in place). I sure got tired of getting
by on a liquid diet but I've discovered that there are few
things more wonderful than removing your teeth for a few
minutes while you enjoy a cold, gum-soothing Popsicle.
Gotta love it, seriously.

See you next time.

Don Crowder and Lisa Miller
12:05 AM, September 1, 2017
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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