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#255 May 1, 2020 from
First words:

I'm on the verge of going bonkers from cabin fever but am
otherwise fine. The pantry is well stocked, I've a few
hundred unread books (literally) and there's more than
plenty to do around the place but I want to GO somewhere,
anywhere. Sure, staying home is a small price to pay to
avoid a disease that would very probably kill me and I'll
happily pay the price but I don't have to like it. The
country can do whatever it pleases. Me? I'm staying home
until there's a vaccine and I've been vaccinated.

Here we go...


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The name of this band might not be particularly family
friendly and their music is all instrumental. I think
of them as the Hispanic Ventures (surely some of you
will know who the Ventures are).

Paola Hermosín is a wonderfully talented young guitarist
from Spain. Most of her videos have English subtitles but
frankly I usually skip the talking bits and go straight to
the beautiful music.

Being a single parent is an incredibly challenging job.

These "recreations" of famous paintings are awesome. [boredpanda dot com]

The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Genealogy. [dnatestingguides dot com]

A pretty nice DIY face mask made from paper towels.

As I've had assorted troubles with allergies lately I
decided to feature a few resources for allergy sufferers. [mayoclinic dot org] [aurorahealthcare dot org] [everydayhealth dot com]

I've also had trouble with my sensitivity to anything made
of wheat lately so here are some food allergy resources. [verywellheath dot com] [allergicliving dot com]

So, what are you cooking for Mother's Day?

Science Fiction fans might enjoy this site.

And here's one for Science Fiction writers.

This reminds me of an app I've seen advertised on facebook
a few times only this one is costless, not a trial.

Resources for undereducated home handy-persons (like me). [homeadvisor dot com] [hgtv dot com] [habitat dot org]

Pif is a fairly cool online, costless magazine.

Nerdy cool design technology educational information.

Interactive mathematics miscellany and puzzles.

How to keep lettuce fresh for 3 weeks.

When I have a project I can't get started on, sometimes
I like to go to youtube and study up on it because that's
doing something productive, right? Like. for instance,
house cleaning. I'd rather study it than do it. :) [womansday dot com] [today dot com]


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Last words:

I hope you are free of any harmful diseases, well fed,
content with your lot and have plenty of interesting things
to keep you entertained and busy in these dangerous times.

I wish you love, luck, health and happiness.

Don Crowder
Thursday, April 30, 2020
11:05 PM MDT
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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