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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#212 September 1, 2016 from
Hello friends and web-siblings, we hope all is well and wonderful with 
you and yours. Isn't it past time you got in touch to tell us what's going
on in your life? Any new interests, hobbies or romances? Hope so. :)

We've been busy playing music with guitars, drums and ukuleles and Lisa
is continuing to explore her new-found interest in art.  For the past few
weeks she's been fascinated with doodling and even has a new blog
where she posts her doodles.

Central Texas has been vacillating between too hot and too wet for the
past couple of months with very little middle ground. Our neighborhood
has been filled with the faint buzz of mosquitoes, the rumble of lawn
mowers and the angry whine of weed-eaters for far too long now. I read
somewhere that meteorologists are predicting a very cold winter this year.
I sure hope their accuracy on that is no better than their usual predictions. :)

Off we go...


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Lisa's blog:

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'hanging with friends' sort of email discussion
group available to our friends and subscribers.
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Amy Pearce Stone is an artist, tutor and videographer.

Shelly King is a real good "sanger". :)

White Market Podcast is show about free music and free culture
by Rute Correia.

Sysinternals Utilities is a large collection of nerdy Windows utilities
that were once produced by a private company but they were so
good that Microsoft bought them out and made them freely available.

A fast way to get a Topo map for pretty much anywhere in the continental
Lots more maps too.

When I was a kid in grade school I really wasn't aware of the fact that
grade school in America came with its own unique cultural phenomena.
Here are three classic examples from my own grade school childhood.,_Beans,_the_Musical_Fruit
Sillly little rhymes and/or songs that weren't in textbooks or on TV but every
American kid knew them.  Do you recall these? Did I miss one? Were there
different rhymes or songs where you grew up?

The Tech Podcast Network.

They call it Progressive Rock but it doesn't sound so far
removed from Jazz to me.  The Galapagos Band.

An interesting bookish blog.

A host of 'heavy' jazz oriented guitar tutorials from Jens Larsen.

Have you ever wanted to download a video from somewhere on the web?
Or maybe you wanted just the audio from a youtube video?
Or, possibly,  a vimeo video (or just the sound from it)?

There are a few interesting things to explore on the NOAA site.
And more to explore on the USGS site.

A search engine for stock photos.

Liyv describes herself as that weird girl in high school who was too into
music and calls her genre 'Pastel Pop'.

Of and pertaining to things military.

Photography and photoshop contests.

Who's into traveling to extreme places?  (not me y'all, nope)

A glitzy, tabloid-style, UK news site.

A sort of blog of other people's photos.

Echo Sparks is an interesting little band. Videos are on the
Photographs & Cinema page.

Here's some links from my lovely wife Lisa Miller.

A basic color palette color palette for acrylic painting. [willkempartschool dot com]

Color mixing can be very deceiving. [willkempartschool dot com]

A quick 'n' easy cardboard easel.

For now it's only an ipad app, but hopefully coding
will become something most people can do. [fastcoexist dot com]

The official site of Betty Edwards, originator of
Drawing On The Right Side of The Brain.

Because all the colors aren't enough. [atlasobscura dot com]

Egg-cellent! [sciencealert dot com]

A film about Fauja Singh, world's oldest
marathon runner.

Coloring books for adults are all the rage.
Some tips to make your own coloring pages. [craftsy dot com] [ishouldbemoppingthefloor dot com] [doyoueq dot com]

Winning on many levels, fitness and life. [nytimes dot com]

What's that weird tape you see on athletes nowadays?

Do you really remember what happened? [scientificamerican dot com]

Talavera pottery has a long, colorful (!) history.
This commercial site is very informative.

How to read a topographic map. [artofmanliness dot com]

Make fabric roses from scraps? Yes, please!

The Olympic Marathon is a modern invention.

Gelatine has a long, interesting history. [history dot com]

A self-perpetuating source of air power. [coppercountryexplorer dot com]

Grab yourself a grito! [tpr dot org]

Free photos for your projects. [creativeboom dot com]

Sao Paulo, Brazil banned outdoor advertising.
The results are amazing. [banbillboardblight dot com] [google dot com]

You can get there from here, with math.

You can make a cool concertina sketchbook. [mostly drawing dot com]

A charming video passed on by our virtual sibling John Lepse.


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This coming Saturday Lisa and I are going to spend the day in Brady, Texas
enjoying some barbecued goat (yes, I know that probably sounds strange to
you but we like it a lot) then, on Monday, we'll play some music for the
folks at an assisted living center in Kingsland, Texas.  Who knew retirement
would be so darn busy? :)  Fun, fun, fun y'all!

See you next time.


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