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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#230 March 1, 2018 from
Night time temperatures are finally above freezing
and we've survived whatever bug 'bit' us. It didn't
seem as bad as the horror stories we've heard about
the flu so maybe it was just a cold. Whatever, we
survived it and we're grateful for that. I just hope
the flu doesn't take another shot at us. :)

Warmer weather is going to lure Lisa out into the yard
to nurture the bulbs and wildflowers she's planted over
the past few months. I expect that also means yours
truly will wind up building deer proof fencing. It
appears that the deer didn't get the memo on which
plants they won't eat because they've already been
out there nibbling on plants that 'the book' insists
they won't touch. Lisa's very annoyed. I'm resigned
to becoming the fencemeister. :)

Here we go...


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Our email group is a (very) low traffic, non-topical,
'hanging with friends' sort of email discussion
group available to our friends and subscribers.
If you'd like to join the discussion, or just
lurk and 'listen in', send us a message from
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Karen Kenworthy was a wonderful human being. She died on
April 12th, 2011 but she left a wonderful legasy. Here's
the bio page from her website.
Programmer Joe Winett is updating the numerous software
titles she wrote and is thereby keeping her legasy alive.

Didja ever see so many guitars?

Who knew the Osmands were still around?

Lisa and I have been full-time Linux users since 2006 and
these days it seldom comes up in conversation but when it
does, the questions we get are usually about which browser
we use (Google Chrome usually but Firefox and Opera are
also available for Linux) and what we use for email (Lisa
just uses Google Chrome but I use Mozilla Thunderbird
for a couple of accounts). However, once in a rare while
someone asks about specific softwares alternatives. When
that happens, we send them to this site.

A few weeks ago I needed to send $20 to a guy in Amarillo
who didn't have a PayPal account. There were over a dozen
stores in Amarillo that had Western Union but none of
those stores were open. After several hours of confusion
what finally worked was for me to on to Walmart online
and buy a gift card for him which he was able to get in
his email and the bar code in the email worked with the
scanner at the cash register in Amarillos 24 hour Walmart
store. In all honesty, we don't shop at Walmart but this
time they were the only game in town so I'm glad they
were there. Now I'm thinking maybe I should get an 
account with these guys.

For those occasions when you want a fortune cookie
but are thwarted by your diet or the lack of a
nearby Chinese restaurant.

Willow Osborne is a banjo pickin' young lady.

I like to cook and I want to try making this soup
just because it has such a cool name.

If you forget which Operating System your computer
is running, a fast visit to this site will remind you.

I rarely list commercial websites but this one deserves
to be listed and this page will tell you why.

I'm not recommending this site, because I've never bought
anything from them, but sooner or later I just might
because I think it's sort of cool.

A girl (woman) and a glue gun.

The prettiest painted rocks I've ever seen. [mymodernmet dot com]

My browser home page is google. It has always been google.
It will always be google. But I know folks who'd rather
have a whole bunch of stuff on their home page. This
looks like it might be ok for them.

Extract links from PDF documents.

Musik (with a 'k') for the Kitchen. Their bio page
doesn't say but I think they're German. They're
a fun acoustic musical group.

Windows stuff for this issue.

How to capture and print Windows 10 screen. [zdnet dot com]

Search for any file by date. [zdnet dot com]


This publication is only mailed to verified
double opt-in subscribers, and is brought
to you by me, Don Crowder, and
with occasional help from my wife, Lisa Miller.
At the time this issue was posted, the current
subscriber count for this publication was 297.

Seems like it's been an awfully long time since I had any
links contributed by readers. I don't know what happened
but I've got a bunch of them this time.

Reader Jacquie E sent an assortment of her personal favorite
websites.  Thanks Jacquie!

How to Geek.

Living large on a small budget.

Get a real human on the phone when you call a company.
How to do anything.

Mother Nature News - great tips for many things.

Great sites for finding manuals for most everything around
the home. Also helps if you need a part or just forgot how
to do something with an appliance or don't know the model

Curiosity makes you smarter.

Live for less.

Technology simplified.

Money & time saving tips, recipes, hacks.

Sound advice and info on money.

Ten random facts (about a lot of different things).

Money talks.

Expert advice.

Here are some links from a long time reader who
identified himself only as Rick.  Thanks Rick! 

For crossword fans.

If you need the correct time.

Free email reminders.
Note: Rick, these folks have been reminding me of Lisa's
birthday for years. More recently I've been using Google
Calendar to remind me (by email) of gigs, appointments
and the birthdays of my daughters and grandkids.

To print websites and/or articles more easily.

How strong is your password?

For Sudoku players.

To help and encourage young readers.

A mix of recipes and household stuff and crafts.

Costless software to get pictures from your phone to your

Costless scan to PDF software.

Here's one from reader Michael Kennedy. Thanks Michael!


I sure do appreciate having heard from so many readers
after the last issue. I don't expect to hear from you
because it really hasn't happened all that often in the
almost 14 years I've been writing this ezine. Some of
you are friends on facebook and we communicate there
occasionally and any time I think to ask you to drop
me a line and tell me how I'm doing one or two of you
will. So I know that there are folks who really enjoy
this little rag and look forward to seeing it every
month. I enjoy writing it and y'all enjoy reading it.
We have a good thing going on but I do enjoy being
reminded why I do this.

Thank you all for hanging in there with me.

See you next time.

Don Crowder 11:45 PM, Wednesday, February 28th, 2018
Writing to you from Buchanan Lake Village, Texas served
by the US Post Office in Tow (rhymes with cow) 78672


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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