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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#190 August 1, 2014 from

It's been a busy month.  Lisa and I played our first two
gigs with a brand-new concept band,
at Flat Creek Enoteca in Marble Falls (TX).
We also attended the first meeting of Lisas new Highland
Lakes Ukulele club (no guitars allowed so I bought a uke),
which got mentioned in a local paper. [dailytrib dot com]
We also played a few gigs with our regular band.

We got so many tomatoes from neighbors who garden that I
dehydrated them and used my spice grinder to reduce them to
powder so I can make instant tomato paste, puree or sauce,
depending on how much water I add to the powder.  The
powder takes up very little space in the freezer and makes
incredibly good sauces.  Great stuff!

And, surprisingly, I managed to find some interesting stuff
to put in this obscure little publication as well, so I'm
not doing half bad.  :)

Hope you enjoy this issue, don't forget to let me know
one way or the other.   Let's get to it...



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I saw a very interesting post on G+ a couple of days ago.
Of course it also annoyed me because the, no doubt, well
intentioned individual who created it carefully created
an image which contained the information.  I hate when
people do that.  To begin with, simple text is a lot
smaller than an image and, in this case, there are no
clickable links in an image posted to social media.  Rant
aside, I transcribed the image back into simple text so
here's the post, with clickable links:  Friendly reminder
- You have nearly instant access to nearly all of human
knowledge. Here are a few great places to learn some of it:

The met now offers digital access to some 400,000 artworks.
the J. Paul Getty Museum also offers Open Content. [getty dot edu]
As does Amsterdam's Rijksmuseum.
The U.S. National Gallery of Art.
And the Google Cultural Institute.

Artist Anne Karin Furunes creates awesome art by making
holes in canvas.  Unfortunately she doesn't have a website
of her own, where she displays her work so the easiest way
to get to it is to google her name...
Then click on the second search result, where it says
'Images for artist Anne Karin Furunes' and that will get
you a host of images of her work, along with a photo or
two of the artist herself.

Blastolene, taking DIY transportation to new extremes.  :)

Matthew Christopher's Abandoned America.

Lisa's favorite online comic strip.

Lennon and Maisy, a couple of sisters who love to sing.

Here's an online, virtual computer offering you a choice
of operating systems.

How to make perfect crispy bacon every time.  Lisa tried
this and it works but, of course, we're cutting down on
all foods which contain nitrites and/or nitrates.  :(

A mysterious hole in the ground & a badly organized site.

Costless alternatives to MS Word. [gizmodo dot com]

This is mainly aimed at industry professionals but, if you
love getting nerdy, you might enjoy it.

A popular, freeware, defrag utility for Windows. [majorgeeks cot com]

A comprehensive source of info on world religions.

Before spending money on a car, get educated.

For recovering data from a MS Win7 (or older) system.

Robert Abbottâ€TMs mazes (and games).

DIY home repair info.

Astronomy picture of the day (an oldie but a goodie).

Teachnology is aimed at teachers but homeschoolers or moms
with bored kids who're stuck indoors on a rainy day
might also find a lot of useful information here.

Fabriclink is an enormous resource on, you guessed it,
fabric.  The range of information available on this site
is too large to attempt itemizing.  Check it out.

Software titles (free) from Stavros Korokithakis.

Most folks don't bother with IM clients anymore but, once
in a rare while, somebody wants to chat with ICQ or Yahoo.
On those occasions, you needn't install software, just
use the online version.  You can use Web-ICQ in place of
the ICQ client.
Log into your Yahoo or Google email account and look
for a chat button to access their online interfaces.

Boating safety, courses and articles.

Jenny Brahney's website.

Only a small few, of the countless thousands, of commercial
websites are on-board with this but you can opt out of
their advertising if you so desire.  This site checks your
browser to determine its opt-out status.

Heloise Bowles, who wrote the syndicated Hints from Heloise
column, passed away in 1977 but her column, and tradition
are being kept alive by her daughter.

Don't want to give away your email address to get to the
information you need on some website?   No problem, just
use a throw-away address.

You have to 'dig' for them, but Harmony Hollow offers
some freewares.
Mihov is fairly similar.

No matter what sort of computer or Operating System you're
using, you aren't immune to a catastrophic crash which can
wipe out all your data.   Backing up your data is a hassle
and one more worrisome learning curve but worth it when you
consider the alternative.  Here's a Windows option.
Linux users, check your repository for Grsync (works great
for me).  Mac users, here's a helpful article. [appleinsider dot com]
Android users, try GCloud or Helium and here's some
information for iPhone users.

A resource for us DIY computer geeks.

I'm not into genealogy so I didn't check it out.  If you
are (into genealogy) maybe you'll find it useful.

Have you ever needed legal advice but been unable to go
the expense of hiring a lawyer and paying a retainer? [americanbar dot org]

Videos made by Greg Ah Sue and his talented friends.

A podcast from a couple of American 'Baby Boomers'.

Alexa Meade's art tends to blur the line between paintings
and photographs.  Very cool.

Are you an aspiring writer?

HomeFree is an acapella band.

I suppose some folks might consider the art of Aleah Chapin
to be less than family-friendly, because of the nudity, but
Lisa and I think her art is simply fantastic.


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Not much reader content this time, guess everybody's busy
these days, but John Lepse wrote to say how much he enjoyed
the Old Crow Medicine Show on


As a child I often sat and went through the pages of our
encyclopedia because, to me, it was the coolest thing ever.
How much cooler is the internet, where all the information
you can imagine, and a great deal of information you could
never have imagined, is literally at your fingertips?
I've loved it from my first moment online and, as time goes
by, it becomes even more incredible.  The World Wide Web
really rocks my world.  Gotta love it.

See you next time,



The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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