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#272 October 1, 2021 from Don Crowder
First words:

The last time I played my guitar in a bar was in April of
2020 in Texas.  I've really missed playing. I joined the 
Albuquerque Musicians group on Facebook, attended a few jam
sessions and spent a lot of time networking with various
musicians, looking for some people I can work with to form
my own group. Meanwhile I've played two gigs as a bassist
and have two more scheduled. Playing the bass is, for me
at least, more work than playing the guitar but at least
I'm playing.  That'll do for now. :)

Let's get started . . .


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Once upon a time there was simply no alternative to MS
Office. I've used LibreOffice for years and find that it
suits my needs perfectly but there are numerous choices.
And there are also online office suites
which cost nothing to use.

There was a time when my computer was a little resource
starved and ran a little sluggishly with a full featured
word processor so I used Abiword when I just wanted to write
a nice letter without a lot of bells and whistles but there
again, these days, there are numerous choices for a basic
word processor that doesn't use a lot of resources.

ICQ is, and has always been, a good way to stay in touch
with friends and family.
Of course there are a lot of multiplatform chat/IM clients
to chose from but many of them have become too technically
complicated for me to consider tying to understand or use.

Abandoned and little-known airfields.

American Museum of Natural History.

The logic of animals.

If you're into 'mining' commercial sites for costless
content, try this one.

This is as fascinating now, for it's wonderful diversity, as
it was the first time I watched it over fifteen years ago.

Need something interesting for your blog, website or social
media account?  Here's a large multimedia gallery.

The electronic zoo.

George Duncan's Historical Facts of World War II..

The Guggenheim Museum.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Earth Edition.

Cooperative Institute for Dynamic Earth Research (CIDER).
The CoffeeGeek Blog will be covering anything and
everything related to consumers and specialty coffee.

If you're looking for pictures of pirates, maps, battles,
ships, galleons, or treasure (buried and unburied), this
is the place!

The Museum Of Mid-Century Illustration.

Software applications that can be run from an external
drive, Like a flash drive for example, are called 'portable
apps'.  For example, if you're going on vacation and don't
want to wag along a laptop, having a browser on a flash
drive will let you use someone else's computer to check
your email and social media without leaving any tracks,
traces or passwords on the borrowed computer. It may not
be something you need often but it can be darn handy when
you do need it.

Scholarly journals online.

Old time radio programs, from a time in history before
television aren't a thing of the past (because you can
still listen to them any time you like via the web).

Type in your zip code and find the field strengths for
all  the radio stations in your local area.

A collection of fractal art galleries.

Fractal art software.

Still restoring faith in humanity, one story at a time
(after all these years).

It's about space age music.

Graph paper generator, royaltry free music and other stuff.

Would you like to improve your communications skills?

Retro TV, movies and other stuff.

Auto insurance tips from a commercial site that doesn't sell

Wacky uses for brand name products.

Info on the Middle Ages.

New Horizons: NASA's Mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt

The official site of Stephen Wolfram's A New Kind of

Lots of information on Cloudeight's Information Avenue.

Google calendar will keep track of important dates and even
send you reminders by email but, if you don't use Google
calendar, this site works ok.

The Center for Public Integrity.

I watched a budget action/adventure movie the other day
where the protagonist created and explosive diversion by
opening the oven and turning it on . . .  problem is, when
the camera scanned across the range top, it was clearly
and electric oven (no gas to explode on an electric range).
Here's a site that catalogs such media 'events".

An information database for all sorts of sports.

Mitchell Rose: Filmmaker.

I hate listing PCMag links because just about the time youv
get interested in the article the screen switches to a full
page ad 'begging' you to subscribe and the link which will
remove the add, labeled 'Continue to the site' is in hard
to read fine print at the bottom of the ad but, that being
said the articles are often worth reading, like these two.
Which browser is the best? [pcmag dot com]
Why carry a separate voice recorder when there's an app? [pcmag dot com]

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Last words:

These are strange times we live in. The prices on everything
imaginable are going up regularly and every business I see
has a 'Help Wanted' sign in the window. Just when we hoped
things were getting back to normal they've taken a turn
for the worse and we're back to wearing masks and social
distancing. It looks pretty bleak but hey, give it time,
even the worst storm blows over eventually.

Wishing you the best of love, luck, health and happiness.

See you next time.

Don Crowder

Thursday, September 30, 2021,  11:05 PM (MDT/MST)
Albuquerque, New Mexico


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.
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