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#215 December 1, 2016 from
Happy holidays y'all. 2016 is winding down and some folks
are already calling it the year the music died because so
many musical celebrities have died but I suspect we've only
seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to celebrity
deaths. As a late-blooming baby-boomer (I was born in 1948
as the boom was starting to taper off) I'm all too aware
that my generation has started dying off. I fear we'll lose
many more celebrities in 2017. Time will tell.

I got lotsa stuff this time. Here we go.


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Ok, it's just a measuring spoon, but it's a pretty cool
measuring spoon. I didn't buy one, but I still think it's
cool. [kickstarter dot com]

Looks like a good resource for a guitarist.

Described as a knowledge community.

A compendium of ecclectic information.

Teaching folks how to figure out technology since 2007.

Women who're making a difference in the world.

The tech blog of The Mercury News.

MIT Technology Review.

International tech news and articles.

A large collection of lists, each being of 25 things. Why
25? I've no idea but many are very interesting.

Interesting people and interesting ideas.

A virtual encylopedia with enough answers to help you find
new questions.

I don't like everything Aubrey Logan sings but she's a
huge talent and does some very interesting things.

A whole lot of comics.

Tips, tricks and shortcuts for Windows. [zdnet dot com]

Bike tires that never go flat. [kickstarter dot com]

Built-in Windows tools you might not know about.

Offline mode makes Windows Defender even smarter. [techsupportalert dot com]

Apples are reasonably priced this time of year and here's
a great apple crisp recipe that also works great with
gluten-free all-purpose flour from Bob's Red Mill. [foodnetwork dot com]

Ten popular programs you may no longer need with Windows 10. [pcworld dot com]

This San Francisco street performer is pretty darn good.

As the number of Japanese-American incarceration camp
survivors dwindles, a new generation strives to keep the
story alive.

Anybody up for an act of kindness?

The Retro Report tries to take significant news stories a
few steps further in search of deeper meaning.

Not long ago, on a day when everything I read or heard all
day seemed to be bad news I sat down, in near desparation.
and asked google to show me some good news. Google, as is
usual, was all to happy to oblige (thanks google).

It's a B movie but if you're a blues fan you might enjoy
knowing that the whole movie is on youtube and free.

Wolfram Alpha calls itself a computational knowledge engine.

What is the origin and meaning of your surname?

Yuja Wang is an amazing pianist. This short video may make
you want to search for more of her work on youtube. You
won't be at all disappointed I assure you.

German internees in North Carolina, circa 1917. [mashable dot com]


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Lisa's been sick with a cold and trying to work too so she
didn't make a contribution this month. She also gave it to
me (whatever it is) and I didn't get a flu shot this year.
After a couple of bad days my symptoms aren't as bad so
maybe the flu shot I got last year is helping out a little.
Either way, next year I won't be skipping the flu shot.
Nope, not me.

Texas has been cooling off over the past week or so. We
already had the heaters and blankets out but now we're
getting serious about using them. I've a friend who Winters
in Belize every year and has often told me what a great way
it is to spend the cooler months. It sounds awfully good
right about now but I'm still not ready to leave the country
even if it's just for a few months. Maybe next year. :)

May your holidays be filled with love, luck, laughter, health
and happiness.



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