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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#204 December 01, 2015 from
Getting a late start, as usual, and, also as usual,
I don't have a lot of information to impart but
better some than none. :)

Here we go...


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These days, you don't even have to download any software to
do all sorts of fancy photo editing, you can just do it
online ('in the cloud').

You can even manage your finances in the cloud.

Do the digits of your phone number spell anything?

Do you remember mainframe computers? In the days before
personal computers there were mainframes. They were big
computers which could be used simultaneously by many
different users. Folks would sit down at what was called
a 'terminal', which consisted of a monitor and a keyboard
connected to a very minimal computer-like system which,
in turn, was connected to the mainframe. In some cases,
the terminal electronics were actually small enough to
have been built into the keyboard. Mainframe computers
were going out of fashion about the time I acquired my
very first Apple II+ (in 1983) but I do remember using
a terminal to program a piece of equipment which my
employer owned. At any rate, Now that computers are
ever so much faster and more afordable, it's reached the
point where a very simple, basic (or even obsolete)
computer can be interfaced to a newer/faster/larger
computer which is being used in much the same manner
as mainframe computers were. Or, at least, I think
that's what these guys are talking about. If you feel
like exploring the topic, here are a couple of pertinent
links to get you started. :)

By now, everyone has seen the Keep Calm and Carry On
poster, which came from England during WWII and it
should surprise no one that you can now make your own
Keep Calm posters. Here's mine.
And here's where you can make one of your own.

A weird but cool, short (under 3 minute) cartoon
entitled Mean Teddies.

The information on their youtube page is in Korean,
which I can't read, so I can't tell you who they are
and I don't honestly know one Adele song from another
(I thought a Dell was a computer) but these two young
Korea students are certainly talented.
She even did this song on Ellen's show.

The young lady also has some talented classmates as
demonstrated by this cover of a Stevie Wonder tune.

If you're a Star Wars junkie, here's some wallpapers
you might enjoy.

It's very important to recycle.

Residential solar power is costly but may be the single most
effective way ordinary citizens can help control global
warming. [engineering dot com]

Sure it's important to hug the people you care about but
who knew the hug should last for at least 20 seconds? [tydknow dot com]

One of America's favorite up-and-coming Western Swing bands
is actually a bunch of Canadians. Pretty cool eh?


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Our web-sibling Patrick Barden is very serious about his
childlike sense of wonder... and coloring books.
(I told him I never did well with coloring because I could
never keep my colors between the lines)

From our web-sibling Sandi Martin, here are some quotes from
childrens books which every adult should know. [encurious dot com]

Sandi is a big fan of a young entertainer named Brady Goss.

Thank you Patrick and Sandi!


And that's a wrap! I started on it at about 11:50 PM this
(Monday) evening and it's about 1:50 PM now. I'll try to
get it proofed and posted by 2:30 AM. I hope my American
readers all had a bountiful Thanksgiving. I wanted to go out
to our favorite Chinese restaurant (China Wok in Llano,
Texas) only to discover, late in the day, that there IS one
holiday they close for. So I had to do a rush job on a
Turkey pot pie which we thoroughly enjoyed. :)

May your holidays in December be filled with love, health,
happiness and fellowship.

See you next time!



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