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#242 April 1, 2019 from
First words:

Well, I survived getting an endoscopy and a colonoscopy
on the same day. The doctor clipped samples of scar tissue
in my esophagus (left over from the days before I discovered
that if I don't eat wheat, I don't have reflux) and removed
one small polyp in my colon. He seemed unconcerned about any
of it but I won't know 'officially' until the biopsy results
are in. The day before the procedure I felt the beginnings
of a sore throat and now (a few days after the event) I've
got aching joints and I'm coughing green gunk out of my
lungs. I don't think it's quite Bronchitis yet but it isn't
missing it by much. I'm taking Super C...
...which seems to be reducing some of the symptoms but it
comes with it's own mildly unpleasant side effects (which
I decline to itemize here). :) Today I'm mostly going to
vegetate at the computer, doing as little actual work as
possible and console myself with multiple cups of either
Vini's Mango Black tea (made in China, go figure) or Yogi's
Soothing Caramel tea and assemble the meager few links I've
accumulated into this issue.

Off we go...


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Cooking without wheat, corn, milk or peanuts is no big deal
to me (these are the things my wife, Lisa, is allergic to)
but I was fascinated to learn that there were wheat free
bread recipes even in the 18th century!

I both love and hate the way youtube drags me down the
rabbit hole. Sometimes I don't come back for hours.
Seven year old Anastasia Tyurina, for example, is amazing.

Foxtails Brigade is basically Laura Weinbach and whomever
she happens to be working with at the moment. Not very
prolific but wonderfully talented.

Tuba Skinny plays New Orleans style jazz. They don't have
their own youtube channel but you can find plenty of their
work just by searching for "Tuba Skinny" on youtube.

Julie Gaulke's taste in music is very different from my own
but she is nevertheless a very talented singer and makes
some amazing multitrack recordings.

As this video clearly demonstrates, Gabriella Quevedo is an
amazingly talented guitarist.
And the range and diversity of music she plays clearly shows
how impossible it would be to assign her to a genre.

I adore the four lovely ladies who comprise Salut Salon.
Many of their jokes are in German, which I don't speak, but
that doesn't prevent me from being spellbound by them.
Lots more.

Alicia Marie is a wonderfully talented young blues player.

Acapella vocal groups have gone from novelty to mainstream
in a big way, beginning with superstars like Pentatonix.
But there are plenty of other examples on youtube of
incredible acapella singing.
I'll admit to having done some 'cherry picking' of acapella
groups on youtube but there was just too much to choose

Lots of serious strings on this channel.

I had no idea that google had created and later eliminated
so many different services. Sure hope they don't kill my
google voice. I can't remember the last time I actually
paid for a long distance call. :)

I guess I should have dubbed this the 'Youtube Issue" after
having listed so many youtube pages. As long as I'm listing
so many youtube pages I guess I should list my most
favorite. I've never heard anything like Norah Jones and
Bonnie Rait singing the Tennessee Waltz. I love it. I have
the link saved in my favorites and visit it every so often.


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Last words:

On this day I'm grateful for guaifenesin, acetaminophen,
albuterol (and my nebulizer), a warm place to live, a soft
chair to sit on, my wife, my friends, my social security
and the optimistic assumption that I'm not really dying
even if I do feel like it. :)

See you next month. Meanwhile, I wish you love, luck, health
and happiness.

Don Crowder
Monday, April 1, 2019 12:40 AM
Buchanan Lake Village
served by the US Post Office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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