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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#247 September 1, 2019 from
First words (from Don):

I've been working outdoors this week and the 'feels like'
(heat index) temperature has been over a hundred degrees
(F, that's around 38 C) every day for the past dozen or
so days. It's a few degrees cooler in the morning but it
heats up fast. I've only been putting in three or four
hours a day. That doesn't sound like much but it's not
bad for a 70 year old fuddy-duddy and a heck of a lot
more than some fellows my age can do.

And now for something cool...  :)


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This is the smallest, cookest Mariachi group I've ever seen.

Ah, romance! Nothing beats it.

Julie Gaulke is a one-woman musical powerhouse. Here's
a lovely arrangement of a beautiful old song.

MozART group TV is four guys who mix humor and good music.

Quoted from the website: 'Established in 2009, Creative Boom is
an online magazine that celebrates, inspires and supports the
creative community across the UK and beyond.'

I don't take vacations. I dislike traveling, hate spending money
and have never been comfortable sleeping in a strange bed. That
being said, if I'm gonna go on vacation I'd sure prefer to go
somewhere off the beaten path. These sound cool.
So do these. [usnews dot com]
Do you have a favorite lesser known vacation destination?

Speaking of vacations, maybe I'd be ok with going to one of

I haven't been fishing in well over 20 years but I've been
watching Leo Sheng's youtube channel and suddenly I want to
go fishing. I've been accumulating fishing tackle at garage
sales, flea markets and on eBay for weeks now. First thing
on Monday I'm going to get myself a 'Resident Freshwater'
fishing license ($12 on account of I'm a fuddy-duddy) and
then I'm going fishing. If I don't catch anything I'm
going to blame Leo.


Lisa's been to far more interesting places than me this
month. Here's her contribution to this issue.

Yosi Horikawa-Searching For Sound.

Museum of Public Art [google dot com]

20 Gentle Quotations from Mr. Rogers [mentalfloss dot com]

Playing For Change, connecting the world through music.

Visit the Met in 360°. [metmuseum dot org]

Surf Like A Girl Photos [creativeboom dot com]

The Modern Art of Cabarets and Clubs [creativeboom dot com]

Paper Art Animal Sculptures by Calvin Nicholls

Emily Dickinson's Herbarium Online [openculture dot com]

11 music genres you didn't know existed [deseret dot com]

Animated Adaptation of Bukowskiâ€TMs Poem “Bluebird” [brainpickings dot org]

An historic problem for women creatives [theguardian dot com]

Visit Jane Austen's library.

USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection

The Retrovert-a large collection of vintage graphics

Russell Powell Hand Prints.

Stress Relieving Sand Spheres by Olander Earthworks

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Last words (from Lisa):

I've been trying out a new project. I'm starting a walking
program to help my fussy back, gain strength and endurance
and to try to become a morning person. Summer in Texas
requires an early start to any outdoor activity.

I recruited a few neighborhood ladies and now have my 
'posse'. It's working on all fronts. Lookout, World!

See you next time!

Don Crowder & Lisa Miller
Saturday, September 1, 2019,  12:05 AM
Buchanan Lake Village
served by the US Post Office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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