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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#251 January 1, 2020 from
First words:

Happy New Year all y'all (southern collective plural)!


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This PDF product is technically adware, because you have to
buy a license to get rid of the ads, but it's otherwise
without cost.

Forbes' list of lists.

What would you like to look up?

The voice of women.

Greek food.

Can playing an online game enhance your self-esteem?

The National Library of Scotland.

Are you interested in a growing adventure?

Incredible eggs.


Education, resources and networking for photographers.

Tutorials & resources for Photoshop users.

Tutorials for Gimp users.

This is a tiny, cool software for making animated gif

Found stuff.

Planet eBook.

Planets beyond our solar system.

A few of the folks I grew up with and miss.


Learning resources for adults, including some
fundamental courses in numerous skilled trades.

Lots of online solitaire choices.

Digital collections from the Library of Congress.

Fabric Link.

About famous people.

History's women.

Magnolia Society International.

I love these kids.

My new favorite vocal group.
More where that came from.

And, to bring in the New Year, here's a little John Lennon
tune sung by the lovely and talented MonaLisa Twins.

2020 will be our fourteenth year as full time Linux users
so I'm a believer.


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Last words:

May the new year bring you love, luck, health and happiness.

See you next time.

Don Crowder & Lisa Miller
Wednesday, January 1, 2020,  12:05 AM
Buchanan Lake Village
served by the US Post Office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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