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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#192 November 1, 2014 from

I had an appointment with the VA hospital this week, for a
routine checkup and all the news was good.  My weight (192
pounds) is the lowest it's been in years, my blood pressure
was the lowest it's ever been (though it's never been
high), my good cholesterol was up a lot,  and my bad
cholesterol was only up a little (still in the normal
range).  My only noticeable health problem is with allergies
and she changed all my prescriptions for allergy medication
so there's hope for improvement with that problem.  :)

So, I'm healthier than I was last year but I'm also busier,
with all sorts of interesting things to do.  I just don't
have time for all of them.  :(  Still, I found time for
this issue, so let's get to it.


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Now that I'm a member of Lisa's ukulele club I'm expected
to be the resident authority on ukulele buying.  As always,
the web came to my rescue. [austinbazaar dot com]

The low-down on web privacy, from Nixie Pixel.

Just in case you have any questions on biology.

DIY Printing templates from Avery. [avery dot com]

Open clip art.

Have you seen an ad or received an email offering you free
internet access for life?  It might not be so good a deal. [time dot com]

A really nice collection of documentaries from POV on PBS.
They'll want you to select your PBS station before going
on to the website but it doesn't really matter which one
you select, you can choose among the stations they show,
click on 'More Stations' and put in a zip code to select
your favorite station or, if you're outside the US,
try typing in my zip code (78672) and just go with the
station they offer (KLRU).

If you have friends (like me and Lisa) who don't like to
travel but have adventurous spirits, send 'em a lei.

He searched out a bunch of unrelated youtube videos and
made an album of them.!/

Smart alecks love this site.  Type in a search string,
click on 'Google Search' and the site will give you a
clickable link to your search string.
If you still don't quite understand it, try this link. :)

A great site for podcast junkies.

Heather Feather is a curious person. Here are her videos.

It's sort of like they jammed Time and People magazines
together and put the result online.

Wanna buy a ghost town?  I was gonna submit a bid but
the lottery ticket I bought to finance it didn't win.

Good grief, there's a fungus among us!

I'd love to catch Natalie live but the commute is
just way too much for me.  :( [smh dot com dot au}
Several videos of her are available here.

Madelyn Victoria is a young country singer.

This will make you want to own a pair of their scissors.
But some of them are a little costly.

One Stitch Closer is very cool.

I'm not really sure what I don't like about it but
I am pretty sure that I have no use for it.


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Our web-sibling Patrick Barden has news for cat owners,
Dog owners,
and was very impressed with this pop song turned secular.

Thanks Patrick!


I normally post right after midnight on the last day of the
month but I didn't get finished in time and decided that by
waiting, I'd still be posting on the first.   I figure that
beats missing another month.  :)   So here it is, on the
first in fact.  Hope there was something here you enjoyed.

Best regards to one and all!



The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.
--- The Internet: A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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