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#261 November 1, 2020 from
First words:

Don't you love it when it snows in October, everybody says
"It never does that here" only this year it did and you know
you darn well you didn't bring it with you from Texas?
The snow has mostly melted now but it's still 53 degrees
(around 12 C) out there and that's too cold for me.

Brrr, let's get started.


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The site name is Absolute Astronomy but that seems to be
but one of the many topics they enjoy talking about.

The African Union.

Publications on World Agriculture.

There really were Amazons. [wbur dot org] [washingtonpost dot com]

The National Archives of Australia.

As crazy as it sounds in this day and age, there really are
people in the world who dream of moving to America. [movehub dot com] [mybaggage dot com]

Career guidance.

Helping to conserve and preserve the cultures of the world.

Saving and protecting marine life for present and future
generations since 1973.

Ok, so you've got an old 32 bit computer stuffed in the
back of a closet. You can probably pick up a keyboard and a
decent LCD monitor at one or another thrift store. FreeDOS
is just that, free and it can run all those old DOS games
that have fallen into the public domain. Give your grandkids
a fun flashback to the games their parents played.

Endometriosis:  An alternative view

Folklore and/or fairy tales.

Some folks just like hot sauce. [nymag dot com]

Who is the best doctor in your area?

Marsbase - your porthole to Mars.

When my daughters were in grade school I very much wanted
them to take unarmed defense courses but there was nowhere
in the small town of Brackettville, Texas (population 600,
yaahooo) that could give them lessons so I taught them as
many of the unarmed defense moves I was taught in the Army
as I could remember. In today's world I believe that all of
the women (and girls) in our families should learn the
rudiments of unarmed defense and these days, if there's no
place around where they can get lessons, a woman can at
least turn to youtube. [youtube dot com]

Voices from the Dust Bowl: the Charles L. Todd and Robert
Sonkin Migrant Worker Collection, 1940 to 1941. [loc dot gov]

Merriam-Webster's Word Central:  Dictionary, daily buzzword,
and word games.
Leftover chicken soup.

If you're a caring, giving person and feel the need to share
some love with the world around you, consider becoming
an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church.

If you feel that formal religion is a bit too straight laced
for you and you'd like to take a tongue-in-cheek poke at it,
you might consider becoming a Dudeist Priest.

The best rated costless file recovery software for Windows.

Here's a rerun of one sent in by my friend John Lepse a
few years back. It's a bunch of people talking. :)

What did you used to believe when you were a kid?

Reviews of Country music.

I don't actually care for poetry but some folks do.

Interactive math resources for teachers, parents, and

History and geography of Europe and the world.

The history and culture of Chicago.

What's your money worth elsewhere in the world?

Homework help from the Internet Public Library.

Who knew there was so much hostility in the workplace?
Surely some of that excess energy could be turned towards
less negative projects?
Or even educational projects.

What Are the Basic Forces of Nature? Can You Bend Light?
Can You Play Nature's Scale? What Is a Particle Family?
Can You Play Particle Pinball? What Is Symmetry? Learn this
and more at Fermilab.

Nerdy computer stuff from the Ask Woody team.

African livecams.

36 short stories you can read right now.

Can't see the images Apple using friends and relatives send
you from their iPhones?  No problem, here you go.

Reader Michael Kennedy recommends the Ubuntu magazine.

So you want to share your work, you want it to be free, you
don't want anybody trying to capitalize on your work but
you also want recognition. Consider Copyleft.

I don't normally listen to music deliberately. I listen to
NPR in the car and sometimes hear music. I spend time on
youtube and sometimes hear music. That being said, here are
three songs that have special meaning to me. Occasionally
I will seek out one, or all of these when I feel the need.

In memory of my web-sibling JoAnn Burton, may she rest in
peace, here are a couple of links from her yahoo group.

How to clean anything.

Smart, fearless journalism.


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Last words:

Having COPD makes me at high risk of being killed by
Covid 19 so I'm behaving myself but I SO want to go
to a restaurant, or go into a supermarket for shopping, or
have a thrift store day (there are an amazing number of
thrift stores in Albuquerque), or go to an Open Mic.
Like I said, I'm behaving myself but I sure am getting
tired of it.  How about you?

See you next time.

Don Crowder
Saturday, October 31, 2020,  11:05 PM (MDT/MST)
Albuquerque, New Mexico


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.
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