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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#232 July 1, 2018 from
6:12 PM, May 31st: Well, as usual I've waited until the
last moment before getting started but knowing that I'm
out of time gives me a great deal of incentive to get with
the program and having almost six hours before I need to
post (any time after midnight CST) means that I may be
feeling pressured but at least I'm not feeling stressed.
I've got this. :)


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The hands-down, best file compression utility ever.

In the world of Max Vandervorst, anything can become a
musical intrument. Check out his Shows or Music for

Nicolas Bras' articles on rare and strange musical

Maddie Poppe singing 'Homeward Bound' by
Simon & Garfunkel on American Idol 2018.
Maddie's website.

Taking wheelchairs to new and amazing heights. [gofundme dot com]

If you missed the 'Laurel' -vs- 'Yanny' controversy,
here's your chance to explore it in depth. [nytimes dot com]

SoulPancake produces, among many other things, a series of
videos entitled 'My Last Days' featuring people who are
living with terminal illnesses. This is one of them.

How many of these books have you read? [my count is 15]

Of interest to young people (or the young at heart).

I suppose it's because of my southern roots but I love me
some bread and butter pickles. This recipe is tempting.

Whether the word you choose is flutist or flautist, Helena
Schulthess is among the best.

Tim Urban's interesting blog-like explorations into human

A large collection of the sort of stuff we call 'clickbait'
on facebook.

More of the same but with sturdier underpinnings.

When you click on, or type in, a URL your browser consults
a special directory, called a DNS (Domain Name System)
server, to convert the domain name into what is called an
IP Adress. The IP adress is a string of four sets of up to
three digits, separated by periods (dots) which is the
actual digital address of the website.
What is a DNS Server?
Your internet service provider also provides a DNS Server
for your browser to use but you don't actually have to use
the DNS Server provided by your internet service provider.
Seven reasons for using a 3rd party DNS server. [howtogeek dot com]
A list of free and public service DNS Servers.

I have a childhood memory of watching a 'talking guitar' on
television but I thought Alvino Rey was the guy who played it.
I was wrong. It was Pete Drake.
And this was probably his greatest hit.
Alvino has his own unique place in the history of music. [smithsonianmag dot com]

A rather different sort of country.

Windows stuff:

How to send feedback or complain about Windows 10 to
Microsoft. [thewindowsclub dot com]

An 'application killer' for Windows.

Ed Bott's curated list of the best sites for support info
on Windows 10 is an annoying, ad-filled ZDNet page but
the information presented is worth the hassle. [zdnet dot com]


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This ezine started out as a bimonthly publication. After a
few years I cut it down to monthly and, just lately, it's
gone back to being bimonthly but with the 'other' definition
because bimonthly can mean either twice a month or every
two months. I didn't know that until I looked it up today.
I find that amusing but honestly, my intention is to publish
every month. I just haven't managed to get that done
recently. Oh well, I'll try again next month.

Best regards to one and all.

Don Crowder
July 1, 12:05 AM
Buchanan Lake Village, Texas
Served by the post office in Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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