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#260 October 1, 2020 from
First words:

Three weeks and a few days ago I injured my left thumb on
the table saw. I lost my thumbnail and most of the last
little bone at the tip of my thumb. It was very painful.
By now it's hurting a great deal less and well on the way
to healing. My left thumb is now about a half inch shorter
than my right thumb and has no fingernail but I think it'll
be mostly functional once it's healed and, most importantly,
I'll still be able to hold a guitar pick (as I am a left-
handed guitarist). When my Social Security comes in I'll
buy myself a new table saw that has a blade guard on it.
I can't afford it but neither can I afford any more table
saw mishaps. Priorities.

So, let's get started...


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LMN claims to be an entertainment destination for women but
their videos didn't look very entertaining to me.

Single Board Computers (SBDs) are all the rage these days
among computer nerds and the Raspberry Pi is, by far, the
most popular. They even have their own magazine.

The skinny on news feeds.

The History of the Internet. This isn't a secure site but
neither is it an unsafe site and the info is good.

The fastest growing, best paying, field of human endeavor is
Information Technology (IT) and an almost guaranteed way to
get a good job in IT is to have a working knowledge of Linux.
A great deal of useful knowledge is available at no cost.

As a chocolate lover, I can't afford to shop here but wow,
what a place to window shop.

I doubt that many of you are, like me, Linux users but, if
you are, then, also like me, you've had to hassle with
creating a bootable flash drive. This is the solution.

What was OS/2 and why did it matter? [howtogeek dot com]

If you're a movie junkie and love to get into the guts of
it you'll probably enjoy this youtube channel.

The Federal Trade Commision on Data Security. [ftc dot gov]

Nerdy news with a UK spin. Yes, it's very nerdy I admit, but
I like it and it's one of the very few news sites I ever pay
any attention to.

Do you miss Outlook Express? Thunderbird is easier to use,
costs nothing and is a pretty handy app if you've got
more than one email account.

As a parent, one of my pet peeves was that kids get exposed
to computers in the 5th or 6th grade but aren't able to take
typing until the 8th grade. How stupid is that? Kids learn
to 'hunt and peck' on their own and then have to unlearn all
that if they take typing. Touch typing is a seriously vital
skill in most businesses these days. My own solution was
to buy a software game for our Apple II+ (bought used, from
my employer) that taught kids to type and all three of my
girls spent at least some time playing with it. These days
a parent who has a computer and internet service doesn't
have to spend anything to teach their kids to type.

A news site that claims to be all you need.

The history of IBM electric typewriters. [ibm dot com]

A destination for Science lovers.

The Webby Awards.

Vintage software for numerous platforms.

Driver issues in Windows?

Who remembers DOS? Did you know there was a free version?
There is a lot of DOS software in public domain.
And games of course.

Plants, animals, climate and world biomes.

The World Health Organization.

The first World War.
Documents from WWI.

Flags of the world.

No special reason, it's just cool.

Need a grant?

Of and related to rice.

Ursula K. Le Guin is among my favorite authors.

Educational games.

Who is Ben and how does he know so much about the (US)

How does your kid's (or grandkid's) school rate?

Art education for kids.

Nerdy computer tips and tricks.

Have you even been tested for color blindness?

Got a scientific document you need to publish?

Social media for serious photographers?

Do you love biographies?

Whatever it is, chances are good that
somebody, somewhere collects it.
Road maps.
Antique telephones.
Auto license plates.
Coin operated things.
Winchester firearms.
Homer Laughlin china.
Canadian police insignia.
Ford Fordson tractors.
Antique advertising.
Perfume bottles.
Sharps firearms.
Antique motor fire apparatus.
Antique stoves.
Antique wireless gear.
Ice cream & soda fountain memorabilia.
Antique dolls.

Ashrita Furman is obsessed with Guiness records.

Tons of information and also quizzes if you're so inclined.

Blue Ocean Institute, an ocean of knowledge.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

CDex is an Open Source (costless) Digital
Audio CD Extractor.

A collection of classical guitar music in midi format.

The National Human Genome Research Insitute.

Lifelong learning.

Imagine the Universe.

Who wants to go out skipping?

Lunar photo of the day.

I love the PBS kids site (but despise embedded audio).

Who's up for some good news?

Random acts of kindness.

SANS is about cybersecurity.
And they have a reading room.

They claim to be an excellent people-search engine.


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Last words:

My old 1998 Ford, Windstar van is leaking transmission fluid
and the AC only works once in a while. I recently acquired
the loan of a 'much newer' (2000) Honda, Odyssey van but it
too had a problem. The transmission doesn't leak and AC works
great but the ignition key won't always turn in the lock
(so it can't be started).  After some research I found two

1. Replace the Ignition Switch assembly for around $300.

2. Using youtube videos for a tutorial, disassemble and
   repair the lock mechanism.

I am neither a mechanic nor a locksmith. I'm good with
 electronics and am a fair to middling handyman but three
hundred dollars (that I don't have) was really powerful
incentive so I gave it a shot. Six hours later, the second
time I reassembled the whole mechanism, it worked great
and it now starts the first time, every time.

Hooray for me but next time I'll just find the money
somewhere. That was extremely stressful.

Really enjoying the cooler weather here in New Mexico of
late. Hope the weather is kind in your neck of the woods.

See you next time.

Don Crowder
Wednesday, September 30, 2020,  11:05 PM (MDT/MST)
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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