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#221 June 1, 2017 from
My arms always appear beat up and bruised. Some of the
damage is legitimate bruises and abrasions, my skin is
fairly delicate and it doesn't take much, but some of
them are what my doctor called 'precancerous lesions'
and she prescribed a cream I'm supposed to apply to
my arms, in a thin layer, every day for four weeks.
While I'm using this cream I'm supposed to avoid
exposure to sunlight. We've continued to have sporadic
rains and the lawn is no closer than ever to being
fully mowed. If I let it go four weeks without being
mowed (because I'm not allowed to get any sunlight)
given how tall some of the grass is now I'm really
going to be in for trouble. So I keep putting off
beginning the treatment. For the past few weeks
I've said 'I'll mow as much as I can this week then
start the treatment on Monday', and, for the same
past few weeks, I haven't gotten any mowing done.
Well that's enough of that. Tomorrow I'm gonna
start mowing (maybe).  Yeah, that's what I'll do.

Let's get started.


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Images audio, and videos from NASA.

Super clean 1920's recordings of Louis Armstrong. [openculture dot com]

With it looking like Net Neutrality's days are numbered
some nerdy alternatives are resurfacing.

Cute dog memes. [boredpanda dot com]

Is a cure for diabetes on the horizen? [medicalexpress dot com]

Have you planned for your digital demise?

The unusual art of Tony Podesta. [steemit dot com]

Unusual music accompanied by unusual video.

Even a ten year old girl can make a real difference.

Wanna know what's in your hair, skin and beauty products?

When you're chatting on a messenger app, in English,
you're actually speaking a whole nuther language. :)

Our idea of 'roughing it' is having to walk from the
motel room to Denny's. Maybe we'll try glamping.

Lisa loves teriyaki sauce and this sounds real good.

Brikawood is a little like legos, tinkertoys and lincoln
logs all grown up. They avoid the language barrier by
not having any spoken words in their videos. The concept
is fairly self explanatory in any of the videos.

A few weeks ago I found a pair of very well made folding
chairs at a local thrift store. They had very tattered
vinyl cushions on them so they sold them to me for a
dollar apiece. I pulled off the vinyl cushions, cut some
appropriately sized pieces of three-eighths inch plywood
glued on a layer of half inch rebonded foam carpet padding
and upholstered them with some heavy duty canvas I bought
on eBay for $8 (US). My upholstery job wasn't the best
but they're very comfortable.
The chairs were made by Durham Mfg. Corp., Muncie,
Indiana sometime between 1940 and 1949. [pastperfectonline dot com]

I found the page on the chairs in an enormous collection
of collectible/historical information. This is the sort
of site where you can get lost for hours.

Has your email address been stolen? [techsupportalert dot com]

Here's a few links from Lisa Miller (thank you dear).

Need flashcards, games, tests to study? Look here to find
some or make your own.

Beautiful interactive timelines.

Fun interactive science courseware.

Want to brush up on grammar? Khan Academy
is fun and entertaining.

In some remote areas of the world, there are
whistled languages. Here is one, Sylbo. [youtube dot com]

How Memorial Day began. [nytimes dot com]

'The Good Cemetarian' [nbcnews dot com]

Because I love you guys. [youtube dot com]

One of the world's most impressive gifts,
the Klenke Atlas, has been digitized. [openculture dot com]


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with occasional help from my wife, Lisa Miller.
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Around three years ago when the nook tablet I
bought and never used wouldn't even turn on
when I finally decided to try using it, I let
some nerdy friends convince me that I should
spend a little more and get a truly reliable
tablet so I spend around $130 for a refurbished
Nexus 7 (2012) tablet and before long I had
thousands of books on it and was enjoying it
a lot. Shortly after I bought it I got a
bargain from a friend on an RCA tablet for
Lisa. The RCA tablet cost less than half what
I paid for my Nexus 7 and was quite a lot
faster as well.  Now my Nexus 7 is slowly
going away and giving me a lot of grief. I
bought another RCA tablet on eBay, brand
new, for $41 and it too is faster than my
Nexus 7. So what have I learned? The Google
Nexus is a nice tablet, but so is the RCA
and it's a lot less expensive. :) 

May you enjoy the best of love, luck, health
and happiness! See you next time.

Don Crowder & Lisa Miller
Thursday, 12:05 AM, 6/1/2017
Buchanan Lake Village (served by the post office
in Tow which rhymes with cow), Texas


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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