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#237 December 1st, 2018 from
First words:

I'm a creature of habit. Every night I read for about two
hours after Lisa goes to sleep. She too is a creature of
habit. Every time she gets into a new project she tends to
stay up working on it until sometime around 4 AM. That means
I don't get to bed until sometime around 6 AM but I'm not
complaining. Our habits mesh nicely. I normally sleep for
seven hours and she like to sleep for nine hours so we wake
up at about the same time. Because our habits mesh so nicely
I don't usually pay attention to what time she goes to bed.

I do my reading on a wifi only Android tablet. My first one
was a Google Nexus 7 (2012) but I dropped it a few too many
times before putting it in a case and it stopped working so
I bought a very inexpensive RCA Voyager II, 7 inch tablet
and have kept it in a nice case from day one so it still
works great.

Last night I was deeply engrossed in a book and realized,
as often happens, that I'd lost track of the time so I
checked it on my tablet (I don't wear a watch) and was
shocked to find it was 7:30 AM. I really hadn't paid any
attention to what time it was when Lisa went to bed and
didn't feel at all sleepy but nevertheless made short work
of hastening off to bed. I woke up this morning at 10:30 AM
feeling well rested and was very puzzled that that I was up
so early and wasn't feeling at all sleepy so I turned on my
tablet to check it's clock and it was showing it to be 4:00
PM. So the clock on the 'droid was wrong and was almost
certainly wrong last night. I didn't think to check another
clock last night but I'm guessing it was actually sometime
around 3 AM when I went to sleep. Then I noticed that I had
my tablet in Airplane mode, meaning it wasn't connected to
wifi and thus didn't have access to online time servers.
I turned on the wifi and the time instantly corrected itself.

Then I noticed that today is December first. Oops. I should
have posted my ezine last night but it's not too late as long
as I get it posted today so I checked my ezine folder. Oops.
How to I go a whole month without finding anything I feel is
worthy of mentioning here?

Sorry y'all. I'll try to do better next month. Meanwhile,
may the holidays bring you love, health and happiness.

P.S. Feel free to send me links to your favorite website/s.

Don Crowder
Saturday, December 1, 2018, 2:42 PM
Buchanan Lake Village
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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