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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#244 June 1, 2019 from
First words (from Don):

Another month gone and I don't even remember blinking. I'm
having fun so time is flying. For me, 'fun' is getting to
play music with friends, working on our house, cooking,
grocery shopping, reading and hanging out with our
neighbor's nine year old, who has become a defacto
granddaughter. As a confirmed Linux user, I was really
annoyed a couple of years back when I had to scrounge up
a Windows machine to program my new Fender Mustang II
guitar amplifier (because the programming software wouldn't
run on Linux). I didn't realize at the time that the
Windows 10 laptop an old friend gave me would ever be
useful for anything else but that's how it worked out.
The 'granddaughter' is playing on the RoBlox website on
the aforementioned Windows 10 machine across the room
from where I sit writing this issue. #serendipity :)

I've been rehearsing a couple of days a week for the past
couple of months for two shows I'm doing with my friend
Denise Moreau. We're doing duet with a couple of guitars
and a drum machine on a big boat. Specifically, this one:

Our first appearance will be today (June 1st) and the next
will be on June 15th. I assume that, if all our practice
sessions pay off, there'll be more bookings in the future.

Let's see what a have for you this time...


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If you ever have to do a complete reinstall of Windows
you're going to need to know your 25 digit product key.
If your machine has a Certificate of Authenticity (COA)
on it, the key will be on the sticker. If your machine
doesn't have a sticker you need to find out what it is
and record it somewhere safe. Here's a helpful software.

One of the biggest debates, among informed Windows users,
has always been over registry cleaners. [techsupportalert dot com] [thewindowsclub dot com] [ipswitch dot com]


Musical explorations:
Fast banjo

Fast accordion (she starts playing at 3:40).

A funny Russian accordion.

A different sort of accordion & some Tejano magic.

Mellow, magical, Latin magic.

Mona and Lisa rock my world.

Candy Dulfer with some serious funk.

Talented much-younger-than-me folks.

Awesome horn players.

Some slow piano blues.

White kid sangin' the blues.

And for a grand finale, here's DonnaLou Stevens.


Almost everybody has a smartphone these days and almost all
smartphones have really nice cameras in them. If you take
pictures it's a good idea to have image editing software.
If you're not a power user then either of the internet's
two most popular image editing softwares should be more
than adequate for your needs.
Irfanview (get the plugins too)
XnView (was my favorite)
If you're a power user it's hard to beat the Gimp...
...but there are other options. (Win10)

This week I encountered a 'gizmo' that might be a real
blessing for Windows users. I asked, on the local computer
club's email list, if anyone knew anything about it and
didn't get an answer so I asked google. Here are some
articles that discuss it. [thewindowsclub dot com] [betanews dot com]
Here's a video about it.
And here's the 'gizmo' itself.

The Internet and the rise of online entertainment. [yale dot edu]

Beginner's guide to why you should use
the internet for entertainment. [allconnect dot com]

There are some wonderful free entertainment resources
on the web like old time radio shows...
...books in every imaginable format (including audio)...
...movies, music, software and more.


Lisa's contribution to this issue.

Can art make you happy? Why, yes, and here's why. [abeautiful dot world]

One city's solution to homeless veterans. [theveteranssite dot com]

Rewilding may be possible, to a point.  [greensourcedfw foy org]

We lost a remarkable friend this week, Leon Redbone. [youtube dot com]

Some people think the pretty little Dayflower is a weed.
Not! [gardeningknowhow dot com]

The women mummy hunters. [thevintagenews dot com]

Make your Facebook behave itself. It works well!

This Chrome extension has been a great tool to add 
Facebook Events to a Google Calendar automagically, 
which I've had to do for an organization. It has some
other nifty features as well. []

Ruth Stout has always fascinated me. Here's Ruth
in her own words.


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with occasional help from my wife, Lisa Miller.
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Last words (from Lisa):

The Texas wildflower season has been in full swing and is
one of the best in anyone's recent memory. I've had Spring
Fever real bad and have been letting the grass and weeds
grow tall and go to seed, just mowing the little lawn out
front and pathways where I want to walk. In essence, I've
been sculpting with wildflowers. This is the time to hold
back planting because I have a long history of hiding in
the house during the Texas summers when temps over 100F
are common. And deer, herds of deer. They eat everything
but the two beds of onions and garlic. Someday I'll fence,
but not this year. Gardening in Texas, equal measures of
ambition and reality.

Hoping all your gardening dreams come true.


Don Crowder & Lisa Miller
Friday, June 1, 2019 12:15 AM
Buchanan Lake Village
served by the US Post Office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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