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#218 March 1, 2017 from
Must be Spring already. There are all sorts of insects
showing up in the house and todays high temperature was
82° F (27° C). It'll probably freeze again next week. :)

Somebody told me that this week is Mardi Gras in New
Orleans. I told them I'd never been to Mardi Gras and they
said I should put it on my bucket list. I thought about it
and decided that since I don't drink, smoke or use
recreational drugs there just wasn't much point. Then we
went to a civic event this evening where they put Mardi
Gras beads on me and fed all sorts of cool junk food that
isn't on my diet so I'll be eating tums all evening.

Close enough. :)

Here we go...


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Just reading through the headlines their coverage seems
fairly even handed.

Ben Bram is a talented fellow.

This young man has a lot on the ball. [kptv dot com]

It's a large, fascinating world.

An excellent science magazine.

A radio program on NPR last week was talking about
"telomeres" which I'd never heard of. Turns out they're
something we should all know about.

These days I'm content to browse the web with Chromium (the
Open Source version of Google Chrome), though I've also
got Google Chrome, Opera and Midori installed, but there's
a new one I've heard some nice words about so I guess I'll
give it a try (because they have a Linux version).

The latest thing in home security (no, really).  :) [atlasobscura dot com]

A friend of mine wanted to do some photo editing but
refused to download any software.

Do you remember The Sound of Music and the Von Trapps?
Yeah, those guys, here are some of their descendants.

Computing seems to be going to the cloud. This wouldn't do
for me but I'm sure some folks will love it.

Windows stuff:
Dangerous shortcut scanner. [thewindowsclub dot com]
A lot more where that came from.
How to manage Windows 10 updates. ]zdnet dot com]
12 powerful websites that can replace your PC's desktop
software. [pcworld dot com]
There's a lot of information in this thundercloud
newsletter but I'd like to call your attention, in
particular, to a good article on how to repair Windows 10
using SFC and DISM.

Bernard Purdie is a legendary percussionist. He's on about
half of this video. The latter half is also quite good but
it cuts off about the time it gets interesting. The side
bar on youtube can point you to many other great Bernard
Purdie videos.

Cristi Smith-Jones is a young mom who celebrated Black
History Month with some amazing photos of her daughter.

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Lisa's taking a free course on Introduction to American
Government from Harvard University. The text book, We
The People by Thomas Patterson, 11th edition, was quite
expensive but she found a used one on eBay (which was
far less expensive).

I've had a left-handed baritone ukulele for about four
months now and am beginning to get the hang of playing it.
It's become my 'go to' instrument for practicing because
it's so light in weight, easy to tune, easy to play and
has excellent tone. I'm not ready to give up my guitar
but the uke gets a lot of my attention.

I hope all is well and wonderful in your world.

Wishing you health, happiness, love and luck.

See you next time,



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