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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#259 September 1, 2020 from
First words:

It seems we are well and truly cursed because we most
assuredly are living in interesting times. Its good to
know that most of us will probably survive this pandemic
but a little worrisome knowing that, statistically speaking,
I'm not likely to be one of the survivors (the corona virus
doesn't play at all well with COPD). Be that as it may,
I'm staying home, wearing a mask when I have to go out,
avoiding crowds, buying groceries via curbside pickup,
washing my hands frequently and hoping for the best.
So far, so good. I sincerely hope all is well with you
and yours.

Here we go . . .


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In case you weren't aware, it has happened before. [cdc dot gov]

Stories worth telling, hearing and sharing.

Big guns for nerdy musicians.

The Internet, Linux, Open Source and such. [edge dot org] [sandstormit dot com]

The Coop global directory.

Behind the music (well, some of it anyway).

The website of grandiose artist Fred Casselman.

The Context Institute is an independent non-profit
organization, founded in 1979 by Robert and Diane Gilman,
devoted to helping all of us create the best possible
21st century we can.

Does space even HAVE weather?

Lots of stuff for the kids.

Email stationery for Thunderbird.

Stonehenge, stone circles, dolmens, ancient standing
stones, cairns, barrows, hillforts and archaeology of
megalithic Europe.

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

This one really made me hungry.

Clown history.

For fans of seventies music.

Superhero hype.

Do you know any vegetarians?

Kids site from the American Museum of Natural History.

Buy or sell art (commission free).

AlgaeBase is a database of information on algae that
includes terrestrial, marine and freshwater organisms.

A publication of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Four young women who put their lifestyle online.

Good stuff to eat.

I remember cutting these little coupons out for my
grandkids. No more coupon clipping required but is it
better?  I always lose my receipts.

The New England Gilbert & Sullivan Society.

News from Africa.

An interesting gardening site.

Operating System news (a good one for computer nerds).

Space dot com.

The top five of numerous things.

United States history.

A resource for writers.

The CAT User's Manual.
More to explore from Andreas Ramos.

No, it's not just a joke, the Darwin Awards are a thing.

Useful, costless software.
Additional videos from the same source.

Liron Segev does make tech simple but only if you're
able to understand what he's saying (he has quite an accent).

There's no narrator in these videos, just background music
but some of them are quite fascinating.

Which browser is fastest in Windows 10? [zdnet dot com]

David James Armsby is an animator. This is his channel.

Allie Sherlock is a 15 years old street busker
from Ireland. This is her youtube channel.

Online radio stations.

The US National Anthem sung by an awesome virtual choir.

What happened to recipe dot com?

I found some recipes here that I liked a lot.

Which news source do you feel like reading?

Katie James sings and play classic guitar beautifully.

I've learned a few things watching this fellow's youtube

Google's new image format will be a good thing eventually
(when it's supported by all browsers).

Here's some links from reader Jacquie. 

Open a random web-cam looking out a window somewhere in
the world. This is pretty cool.

The happiest sites on the web.

Livecams from explore dot org.

Something that will help us all cope with isolation.
[enchantmentathamilton dot org]

Thanks Jacquie!


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Last words:

I've always said 'life is change, change is good' but I
never said that change is painless or easy. Life gives us
second chances but they only rarely come at no cost.
There's an old joke about about a fellow who asked the
game hawker at a carnival for tips on beating the game
only to be told that 'You pays your nickel and you takes
your chances'. I've always felt that these words pretty
much apply to life in general. You pays your nickel, and
you takes your chances. Hardly anybody beats the system
but most of us learn to live with it well enough.
May you enjoy the best of love, luck, health and
happiness and yes, I'm talking to you.

Don Crowder
Monday, August 31, 2020,  8:45 PM (CST)
Visiting in Paradise Point, Texas
just down the road from
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas
but soon to return to
Albuquerque, New Mexico
And posting early even though that means it'll archive
in August instead of September (because I'm sleepy
and don't feel like waiting until after midnight).

See you next time.


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.
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