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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#233 August 1, 2018 from

First word:

A few weeks back I got an email from google telling me that
they'd changed something about the way my website is listed
in their search engine. I honestly paid next to no attention
to it because my website is strictly non-commercial and I
couldn't see what difference it would make. I was mistaken.
There has been a difference. For the first time in years,
this publication actually has a few new subscribers! So,
hello new subscribers and welcome aboard! This publication
isn't what it once was but I still manage to find something
interesting once in a while.

Off we go.


Contact us:

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Facebook: [facebook dot com]



Lisa's blog:

Our email group is a (very) low traffic, non-topical,
'hanging with friends' sort of email discussion
group available to our friends and subscribers.
If you'd like to join the discussion, or just
lurk and 'listen in', send us a message from
our contact page and let us know what email
address you'd like to be subscribed under.


A few things I've enjoyed on youtube lately:

I make a (very) few extra dollars a month taking online surveys.
Global Test Market is the most consistent.
Peanut Labs is #2 on my list.
There are other sites but I don't feel they're worthy of a mention.
Have you done online surveys? Which site is your favorite?

Windows stuff:

Tech support scams are everywhere. [thundercloud dot net]

Windows 10 seems to be gradually improving. [zdnet dot com]

Have you forgotten your Windows 10 Admin password? [pcworld dot com]

A free Windows 10 upgrade? [zdnet dot com]

Windows 10 help: [microsoft dot com]

Windows 8.1 help: [microsoft dot com]

Windows 7 help: [microsoft dot com]


This publication is only mailed to verified
double opt-in subscribers, and is brought
to you by me, Don Crowder, and
with occasional help from my wife, Lisa Miller.
At the time this issue was posted, the current
subscriber count for this publication was 297.


Do, how has the internet changed your daily routines in the past ten
years and what do you do now that you never did before? 

I do a lot of shopping online for computer parts, socks, underwear,
shoes, light bulbs and car parts. Most of the time I can find what I
need on eBay but it's always worth double-checking with a google
shopping search.

Best regards to one and all,

see you next time.

Don Crowder
12:10 AM, August 1st, 2018
Buchanan Lake Village
served by the post office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas
Yeehaw! :)


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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