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#206 February 1, 2016 from
I try to keep an open mind about Operating Systems
(even though I personally use Linux) but this week
I'm very annoyed with Windows Vista. I don't recall
ever having had so much trouble getting a computer
to behave itself. I finally installed a second hard
drive alongside the one loaded with Windows Vista,
moved the power and data cables from the Vista
drive to the second drive and then installed
Xubuntu 14.04 (Linux) on the machine. He's a
mechanic and all he really wanted was a browser he
can use to order parts and check his email. Xubuntu
comes with Firefox but if he's not comfortable with
Linux he can undo two knurled screws to get the side
cover off and move the power and data cables back to
the original hard drive to be back in Windows Vista
in a matter of minutes. Of course if he decides to
do that I'm liable to be in for a few more frustrating
hours of trying to whip Vista into shape (so I hope
he's totally happy with Xubuntu 14.04 LTS)  :)

By the way, I'm only 24 hours late with this so...

Moving right along.


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Believe it or not, there are still folks out there who don't
have high speed internet connections and are forced to use
dial-up internet. I recently had to help a US based friend
find an affordable dial-up service provider.
Disclaimer: I can't actually recommend any of these but they
all have modest rates and reviews of their service may be
available online.

It's no help if you don't live in the US and not always much
help if you do but any option is better than no options.
Unwanted telephone marketing calls. [fcc dot gov]

Celia Cruz making my day.

Funky Blues (streaming music).
More where that came from.

What happens to your google account if you die? [cnet dot com]

A wonderful tribute to David Bowie.

This is the youtube channel of the United States
Army field band. There are some great videos here.

A friend of ours was having some software issues with
creating her own greeting cards. I wondered if an
online alternative might be helpful. [brother dot com] [avery dot com]
( shortened: )
This is a related, interesting alternative:

A little input from my wife,
Lisa Miller, for this issue.
[Thank you Lisa]

Really leery of charities these days? There's help!

I love Golden Milk, a hot beverage made with milk of your
choice, turmeric, other spices and an oil of your choice.
Very healthy and delicious! [healtimpactnews dot com]

There's a Turmeric Tea, too.

How to calculate commissions. [dummies dot com]

Just in case you were in the mood
for a Renaissance Ruff.

Like to print a web page without the junk?
Try Printfriendly, watch the video.

Home made bullion cubes, yum!

The YouTube Video Editor has a lot of useful
features for a free, easy editor that places
no demands on your computer.

Ever look for a signup sheet template
that precisely fits your needs?
It's easier to make your own. [ehow dot com]
work sign-in sheet [ehow dot com}


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That used to bother me but not so much any more. The folks
who've stayed with me still seem to enjoy this internet
dinosaur and that's enough for me. :)

Wishing you love, luck, health and happiness!

See you next time.

Don Crowder


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