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#222 July 1, 2017 from

First words:
Summer has arrived in Texas but, instead of being hot and
dry (like most years) it keeps raining so the grass keeps
growing faster than I can mow it. I find this very annoying.
A couple of years back my daughter said to me 'You've got
big strong grandsons old man, let them mow the grass for
you' so I called my eldest grandson and he came, looked
it over, and said 'Sure I can mow it for $50 Papa Don if you
buy the gas for my mower'. I just frowned at him and said
'I'll get back with you on that' and then didn't bother
calling him back. Maybe $50 isn't much to a 19 year old kid
but that's a lot of money to me. So, now I'm just like my
grandpa, complaining about these 'durn' kids who don't
appreciate the value of a dollar. :) That was a few years
ago and, by now, he's married and his wife is expecting a
baby. I'm gonna tell my son-in-law 'Just wait'll you need
your lawn mowed and see how much your grandkid is gonna ask
you to pay for that'.  Yes, it's the great Circle Of
Life and the more things change, the more they stay the
same. :)

Here we go...


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Are you at risk for diabetes?  This test may tell you.

Encrypted email seems like a good thing for anyone who's
very concerned about internet privacy.

Wanna play a game?

When Joe Bonamassa played Carnagie Hall he put together
a band of talented musicians from all over the world.
I do love fusion and this is a wonderful example.
The Cello in Joe's video, above, was played by Tina Guo.

I think this amazing video was made as more-or-less a
commercial for the CMA awards and while I don't actually
know who all the artists are (even though I'm in a Country
& Western band), this brings a tear to my eye and a smile
to my face every time I see it.

Aside from the fact that it isn't exactly free and it seems
a little self-indulgent, this is pretty cool. Got a twin?

How much would you pay to hear Neil Gaiman read a menu? :)  [crowdrise dot com]

It started out as a software concept called Open Source and
then it expanded to include Technology and, finally, the
Web itself.
One of the speakers at this amazing event is our own
web-daughter, Princess Leia (Elizabeth Krumbach Joseph).
Note: By 'web-daughter' I mean Lisa and I and never met her
but we love her and claim her as family.

We aren't pickle fans, we like dill relish in tuna salad
and Lisa loves spicy Bread & Butter pickles (which I make
by combining a 12 ounce jar of hot Jalapeño slices and a
24 ounce jar of sliced, sweet Bread & Butter pickles in a
plastic tub that we store in the fridge) on her sandwiches
but these sound awesome to us and we're going to try making

I've been subscribing to Izzy Swan's woodworking videos
for a couple of years now and, through him, I've found
some other very interesting woodworking video makers. [Izzy] [Fix This, Build That - youtube] [Rogue Engineer] [John Malecki - youtube]

Josh Turner is a very talented young musician.

A couple of good alternative browsers worth trying (if
there's a version compatible with your OS).

Tish Hinojosa is a wonderfully talented singer/songwriter
who wants to do more for Texas music and musicians.
I'm going to make a donation in a couple of days, when
my Social Security comes in.

When I was a young teenager just about everybody I knew got
their first electric guitar from Sears. The only reason my
own first electric guitar wasn't a Silvertone, from Sears,
is because they didn't have any left handed models. I think
the main reason this website exists is to promote the sale
of reissued Silvertone guitars but they do have some info
on Silvertone history.

Ok, maybe they're just selling more beer but this is really
good and very moving.


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Last words:

Lisa and I went to a party this evening. I'm perfectly
comfortable on stage in front of any sized crowd, I guess
because I put on a a sort of stage persona, I don't know,
but when I'm in a one-on-one social situation with folks
I don't know I'm usually extremely uncomfortable. As an
artist and member of the local art guild Lisa has made
all sorts of new friends and we've subsequently been
invited to numerous art guild events and parties. The last
thing I'm going to do is become an obstacle to her social
life so I've been going along and making the best I can of
it. Oddly enough I'm beginning to develop some actual
social skills. I'm still uncomfortable but at least it's
not as intense as it used to be. Maybe old dogs can learn
new tricks after all. :) Wish me luck!

Maybe you be healthy and happy and may your days be filled
with love and laughter.  See you next time.

Don Crowder, Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas
July 1st, 2017, 12:25 AM


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