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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#213 October 1, 2016 from
I did a little math and figured out that I can say it's the
first of October if I allow for a 4% margin of error.
That's close enough for an old retired fuddy-duddy like me.

Fall has finally arrived in Texas. Daytime temperatures have
been below 90 for two or three days in a row now. Today it's
down to 78° F (26° C). People all over central Texas are
shivering uncontrollably and breaking out their cold weather
gear.  :)


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A very awesome, custom made toolbox.

Open Source comes to housing.

This video on the history of Gnu, Linux, Open Source
software is almost an hour and a half long and fairly
nerdy but worth it if you have time and the inclination.

Linus Torvalds started with Minix to build Linux. Minux
was born when it was prohibitively expensive to buy a Unix
license for every computer in a college laboratory. Nerdy
stuff, but I very much enjoyed this article. [acm dot org]

A cool writing gig for computer nerds.

There's no news like good news.

Song sheets for the ukulele club consist of the lyrics with
the chord letters over the words right where they occur in
the song and each sheet contains diagrams for the chords
used in the song. Lisa often had trouble with finding chord
diagrams she could copy and use. Image dimensions weren't
consistent and sometimes the depicted fingering pattern
wasn't the one she wanted to use, making it necessary to
take extra time to edit the image. These problems all went
away when she discovered Chordious. This is a free software
for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Regardless of the instrument you play, learning to to do
solo improvisations can be very challenging. One great way
to learn is by using pre-recorded backup tracks but making
your own can be very time consuming (assuming you even have
the necessary recording hardware) or quite expensive to
purchase. Fortunately there are some resources on the web.
(I've only scratched the surface of these)

This seems like it would be very useful for Windows users.

Duwende is one of my favorite acapella groups.

Another good acapella group is m-pact.

And here's a pretty awesome collaboration between them.

Here's a good tune done by Chris Werge and our friend

Izzy Swan is a woodworking youtube star.

Have you ever watched a movie that was just horrible except
for one sceen that made the whole movie worth your time?
For me the movie was Adventures in Babysitting and this
sceen, with Albert Collins, made the movie worth watching.

I watched (and thoroughly enjoyed) all forty six minutes of
this 1975 recording of a live Carlos Santana concert.

I snagged this tribute to Gene Wilder from a post made by
our web-sibling Patrick Barden.

Here's a collection of interesting photographs that was
pointed out to us by our web-sibling Norm Koeckritz. Just
click on the picture to advance to the next image. [docs dot google dot com]

Contributions from my lovely wife Lisa Miller.

What's it like to be a Blue Man? [atlasobscura dot com]

Free online graph paper, customizable.

Need to do some 3d printing? Some great free programs.
The site itself looks pretty interesting. [3ders dot com]

Would you like a natural liquid hand soap at your house? []

Draw a stick figure. You know you want to.
Go from stick figure to a basic skeleton. Fun! [design dot tuts plus]

Got a space nut at home? Download and print these
beautiful posters from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

If you see a teal pumpkin, this is what it means.
Perhaps stock a few toys or gifts this Halloween? [foodallergy dot org]

Free and free-to-use images.

Free and free-to-use media files. Contribute, too!

Let's all be Baddiewinkle. [money dot cnn dot com]

Thank you Lisa.


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double opt-in subscribers, and is brought
to you by me, Don Crowder, and
with occasional help from my wife, Lisa Miller.
At the time this issue was posted, the current
subscriber count for this publication was 311.


How many friends do you have that you've never actually met
in person? We have an astounding number, even if you only
count the ones we feel especially close to (who we call
web-siblings because they've become extended family). We're
so very grateful to the internet for our web-siblings.

When was the last time you had to go to the library to get
information or learn how to do something? I use google to
answer questions on a daily basis and used youtube to help
me learn all sorts of useful things.

I've never been interested in genealogy but a close friend
who is just gave me a list of relatives that I didn't even
know I had. She found my relatives using the web.

The internet has impacted our daily live in innumerable
ways. For us they've all been positive but I don't suppose
that's true of everyone. How has the internet affected your

Wishing you love, luck, health and happiness.

See you next time.

Don (and Lisa)


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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