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#250 December 1, 2019  from
First words:

I'm still working my archives. Some of the sites in this
issue appeared in or were inspired by my second issue, which
I posted on July 15th of 2004. It's fascinating how some
sites that used to be very simple are now quite complex.
Reciprocally, some sites that used to be very complex have
now become very simple. Still other sites are still there
but are totally unrelated to what they once were. Here, for
example, is a site that used to give away cool fonts (as the
URL tends to suggest) but now it's just the blog of an
interesting, nerdy guy.
I decided not to list it and then, when I realized what a
perfect example of sites that have deviated from their
original mission it was, I decided to go ahead and use it
as an example. :) Note that his site's subtitle clearly
demonstrates that he wasn't an English major. Safely
internet usage? :)

I've been busy wiring our house. I remember this sort of
work as being a lot easier in the past. I've never really
minded growing old but now I'm starting to resent some of
the consequences. :(

Oh well, it is what it is. Here we go . . .


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My old friend and web-sibling Vinette DePhillipe suggests
that you might enjoy Atlas Obscura, which claims to be the
difinitive guide to the world's hidden wonders.

Microsoft is replacing MSDN and TechNet forums with
Microsoft Q&A. [zdnet dot com]

Have you checked out Gutenberg lately? More books than most
of us have time to read in formats suitable for your Nook,
Kindle, phone, tablet or computer and and even as audiobooks
for folks who'd rather listen than read.

Do you know someone who could use a little help speaking
English? Send them to Rachel. She rocks!

I love watching how much fun these kids have making music.

You don't have to speak German to know they got tickled in
the middle of their performance but the audience loved it.

Who remembers playing DOS games in the days before Windows?
I've a friend who's totally addicted to those old games and
many of them are available in the public domain now (just
do a web search for DOS games to find them). I went looking
for an affordable copy of MS DOS but then found something
I liked even better. All those old games will run just fine
on FreeDOS so I didn't have to buy anything at all.

There are some cool videos on this site.

I've worked on several Windows 10 machines lately and, as
always, I'm annoyed that Windows hides file extensions by
default. So, what are file extensions?
How can you see them in Windows 10? [thewindowsclub dot com]


A site for TV junkies.

Small World by Nikon.

A small collection of utilities that may or may not work in
Windows 10.
Another small collection.
stil more.

Some Photoshop plugins.

The website of photographer Noah Grey. Checkout his prints,
portfolio, Grey Expectations and his blog (Noah's Lark).

The National Safety Council says that holiday cooking is a
leading cause of fire. Be careful y'all.

Lots of cool info from the NASA Space Science Data
Coordinated Archive.
And some incredible photos too.

Wanna watch some SciFi episodes?

We gave away our TV set about ten years ago and we don't
watch TV programming online but there are a couple of TV
channels I miss once in a while.

Who remembers the Twilight Zone?

Kids stuff:
Fun Brain.
PBS Kids.
Nick Junior.
Learn programing.
Real creatures.
A virtual playscape.
National Geographic.

Have you ever wanted to go somewhere on the web where you
could get lost for days and days? Check out DMOZ.

The Oxymoron List.

DIY Paper toys.
Paper airplanes.


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Our washing machine stopped working today so I've got until
our next laundry day to find someone who can repair it, fix
it myself, or buy another washing machine. I'm going to
begin by trying to find someone who can fix it. If that
doesn't work out I know a guy who sells used appliances.

Both of our cellphones are acting up lately as well but we
checked with TracFone (from whom we get service). We just
ordered two brand-new Samsung smartphones for less than
$80 (on account of the day-before-black-Friday special).
This is why I tell people that there are no iThings in
our world. :) We each have separate TracFone accounts but
our combined monthly phone expenses are under $20 (we don't
get a bill, as such, because we have pre-paid plans).

Here's hoping all is well in your world.

See you next time.

Don Crowder & Lisa Miller
Saturday, December 1, 2019,  12:05 AM
Buchanan Lake Village
served by the US Post Office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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