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#236 November 1, 2018 from
First words:

The political insanity in America will slow down a little
in a few day, on November 6th. I think this will be the
most controversial mid-term election in my lifetime and
I'm looking forward to seeing how it's going to turn out.

I had a birthday a few days ago, on the 16th of October and
now I'm seventy years old. :( Until now I've felt like a
middle-aged guy but now I feel like a fuddy duddy. A few
years back I bought a nice cane at a flea market but I was
really hoping I'd never need it. Now I'm just hoping it'll
be enough. Meanwhile I'll be on the lookout for a nice

Getting old is, decidedly, not for sissies.

Here we go...


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Have you noticed how it seems like most websites want to
show you 'notifications' lately. It's like 'Hey, as long as
you're already here, look at this, it's really cool'. I find
that fairly offensive so when they ask, with a pop-up, I
just click on 'block' or 'no' or 'cancel', whatever the
appropriate negative response is because my attention is
not available for diversion or abuse (and, to me, that's
what it is... abuse). $.02

Who's up for some Texas music?

The best free cultural & educational media on the web.

Every now and then you need to send somebody a file and
your email provider says 'nope, that's too big, you can't
send it'. Maybe that's never happened to you but if it ever
does, here's your solution.

Put a Mariachi band together with an orchestra and this is
what you get. If this doesn't lift your mood, you probably
need some wine, ice cream or just a day off. :)

Sue Foley is a Blues singer & guitarist from Austin, Texas.

Ever wonder what's up? No, literally.

How many Yiddish words do you know? [dailywritingtips dot com]

Wind, rain and temperature maps. This is very cool.

Got USB problems with your Windows computer? [support dot microsoft dot com]

It's like Stonehenge, only it's made of wrecked automobiles.

I like the notion of having a calendar designed to give you
ideas intended to make you happier or make the world better.

Every wonder what sort of online, streaming radio stations
can be found in your neck of the woods?

Ok, it's just an online dictionary but if you're a word nerd
you'll find all sorts of interesting stuff on their web page
besides just a dictionary (just scroll down a bit).

A website that offers a lot of different ways to manipulate
PDF documents online. Pretty cool.

If you're a Windows 10 user who misses the calculator from
Windows 7 or 8, this is for you. [winaero dot com]

This isn't the same Grace Kelly I remember. #jazz

A very nerdy DIY pet robot cat.

Louise Goffin's music is pop I guess (it's certainly not
Country). Still, it's good.

Elsa Nilsson is a jazz flutist. I like the tune entitled
Tiny Bridges, Homemade Islands and her interpretation of
Stevie Ray's Little Wing is interesting.

Imagine a guy playing heavy metal guitar without the 'thrash',
doing tunes like Despacito or Havana.  That is
Kfir Ochaion and don't ask me how to pronounce either his
first or last name, I've no idea. Odd but interesting.

One of the fellows in Lisa's ukulele club has been sending
me suggestions for new songs for the club. I'm not sure the
ukulele club can cope with it but here a duet from Tony
Bennett & Michael Bublé that's worth a listen.


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Last words:

As I write this, it's the evening of October 31st,
Halloween night. A cold front moved into central Texas
this evening and it's raining but, according to posts
I'm seeing on facebook, the kids are undeterred and are
out in droves in their costumes, carrying their bags and
buckets. In a world of growing uncertainty it's comforting
that some things don't change much. I've set aside a bag of
dark chocolate covered almonds and a dark chocolate bar
(with pistachios) for our neighbor's eight year old daughter
who has become something of a de facto grandchild. She's out
trick-or-treating with a gaggle of classmates but I think
they'll stop by on their way home.

When I was a kid, it seemed to me that a lot of the adults
I knew were mean, grumpy and unfriendly so I vowed that I'd
never grow up. So far, so good.

I wish you love, luck, health and happiness.

See you next time.

Don Crowder
8:34 PM, Wednesday, October, 31, 2018
Buchanan Lake Village, Texas
served by the U.S. Post Office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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