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#235 October 1, 2018 from
First words:

Here it is October of 2018. I was born in October of 1948.
This means I'm about to be 70 years old. Wow. That's weird.
As far as I can tell, the principal benefits of living so
long are that you're beginning to get an inkling of how much
you still don't know and instead of lamenting the things
that are going wrong with your body you've learned to be
grateful for the things that haven't gone wrong yet.

I distinctly recall a time when I had lots of friends who
were older than me. Now I only know a few (and their numbers
are dwindling).

Still, life is good and I'm enjoying every minute of it.
Hope you are too.  I wish you love, health and happiness
(the only wealth that matters).


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A comic strip that some geeks love.

What's on Netflix?
Every category on Netflix. (same site)

Open Source alternatives to popular proprietary software. [linuxjournal dot com]

I think it's a game.

They claim they're the place to go for all geeks who slide
between Mac, IOS, Android, Linux and Windows.

My friend John Van Vleck is a (very) abstract artist.

Here's how you can check your hard drive for bad sectors. [thewindowsclub dot com]

This is disquieting. View at your own risk.

How tos for Android users.

Hyperbolic Magnetism is a small indie game studio based in
the Czech Republic. There are some small games listed on
their web page that they say were 'made during game jams'
(whatever that is). In some cases the links go to youtube
videos which demo the game but there's a link to the game
itself under the video.

Racial equality in America isn't all it should be but some
good people are doing what they can to make it better. One
of those good people is my Friend Kelly Hurst. [nprillinois dot org]

Hereâ€TMs how America uses its land.

An extensive science site.

Sarah Thawer is an amazing drummer.

A wonderful collection of videos from the
'Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment'.

An excellent collection of videos from
the delightfully talented Denise Reis.

If there's a chef who deserves her own youtube channel
(yet somehow doesn't have one) it's Alex Guarnaschelli.

I have friends who spend hours on their phones or tablets
or computers playing solitaire. Don't get me wrong, I like
a good game of solitaire once in a while but when I feel a
need for serious distraction I need a serious game. :)

Her name is Senri Kawaguchi and she's a drummer. #jazz

I've been saying this for years now. :) [thewindowsclub dot com]

How to upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Pro for free.
Note: I hate the ads on zdnet but the info is good. [zdnet dot com]

Why we say 'OK'.


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Our electric range has three small burners and one big one
on it. The one I use most is the big one so naturally that's
the one that quit working this evening. The burner itself is
good but it just runs wide open, as though it were turned
all the way up, no matter where the control is set so I know
it's the control that's bad. I've had pretty good luck
finding parts on so I checked there
first and sure enough found two controls listed for our
range but they don't differentiate between the small and
large burners. One of the controls they list is $23.29 and
the other is $25.23. It seemed logical to assume the more
expensive control was for the larger burner but I really
wanted confirmation so I did some more searching, using the
model number of the range.

Sears sells parts for our range and they list a 1500 watt
control for $19.03 and a 2600 watt control for $26.02. This
identified the larger, higher powered, burner for me. More
importantly, both Sears and ereplacementparts show the same
part numbers for the controls so I searched for the part
number I need on eBay and found the control for $13.75 with
free shipping from a seller whose positive feedback rating
is 99.8%. Go me.  :)   The part has been ordered.

Don Crowder
Buchanan Lake Village, served by the post office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas
12:34 AM, Monday, October, 1, 2018

See y'all next time!


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