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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#245 July 1, 2019 from
First words:

Just got home. It's 9:30 PM on June 30th and I have until a
few minutes after midnight get this written and posted.
If I post it before midnight, Central time, freelists will
archive it in June instead of July. Anyway, I'm not usually
this rushed but it is what it is so lets get after it...


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Here's odd but interesting little animation.

I did some research on free office apps for a friend and
was pleased to learn that there are an awfully lot more
alternatives than there used to be. If a simple, basic work
processor is all you need Gott Code's Focuswriter may work.

NOTE: Gott Code has other free stuff.

Jarte, which has been around for a while, expands on the
existing capabilities of MS Wordpad.

Ableword is a word processor with lots of features and it
can also, edit (or convert) PDF documents.

Abiword is a full featured word processor that I've often
used in the past.

You can create some fairly sophisticated documents without
installing any software at all by using Google Docs.

If you need more features that just word processing it's
really hard to beat LibreOffice.

Open Office is a little behind LibreOffice in development
but is still out there.

WPS is a comparatively new suite that you can also install
on your Android phone.

FreeOffice is another a full suite that's also available
for Android devices.

SSuite is strictly for Windows but claims to be full

Here's a child of Open Office and LibreOffice that's ported
for the Mac.


Tricky elephant!

One of my new favorite youtube channels. Very sedate,
occasionally boring but more often very interesting.

This lady rocks!

Sara Niemietz is mondo cool!


Here's some input from Lisa for this issue:

For your patriotic enjoyment, one of my favorite songs.

A healthy elecrolyte drink. [thehippyhomemaker dot com]

I took a First Aid/CPR/AED course last week and was
astounded. Hardly anyone has to die before EMS arrives.
Look for classes here.

The man who photographs his nightmares. [bbc dot com]

I'll be organizing National Dance Day Llano Texas again
this year. If your area doesn't have one, start one!

India's city where people come to die. [bbc dot com]

Grain free meatballs. Priorities, People. [againstallgrain dot com]

A nice animated short film, "Mr. Indifferent".

Jerry's Artarama, an art supplies dealer,
has great artist learning resources. [jerrysartarama dot com]

How art arrived at Jackson Pollack.

You've undoubtedly noticed that many of my links are art-
related. I'm an artist at heart and love all the arts,
including music. Recently I've become involved in the 
ground floor of the Llano Cultural and Art Alliance, a
non-profit organization bringing together the artists,
organizations, merchants, city and Chamber of Commerce
in the city of Llano to advance the appreciation and 
outreach of the arts in our community. I'm the webmaster
and social media director. I've also started a little
ezine called Artbytes, three tasty little artistic tidbits
every weekday. Come by for a visit!


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Last words:

I'm pleased that Lisa was able to help me with this one.
It would have been fairly lean without her help.

Best regards to one and all. See you next time.

Don Crowder & Lisa Miller
Sunday, July 1, 2019 11:50 PM
Buchanan Lake Village
served by the US Post Office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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