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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#196 March 1, 2015 from

Lisa and I are both down with terrible colds so we've been
forced to cancel most of our regularly scheduled activities
for this week (no shopping trip or ukulele club) and huddle
miserably in our little apartment trying to stay warm,
because it's been inordinately cold in Texas this week. A
couple of days ago it was actually warmer in Anchorage
(Alaska) that it was here in central Texas. What's up with
that? Go figure. Anyway, neither of us is able to stay in
bed all day and my 'ezine' folder (in Firefox) has a little
more in it than it's had in most recent months so you,
gentle reader, are the de facto benefactor of my illness.
Let's get started.


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An easy way to download a youtube video is to paste its URL
into the text box at and click the
'Download' button. The page will reload, showing a couple
of download links (largest number is highest quality).

Sometimes you don't really want the video but you do want
its audio content in mp3 format. There are plugins for just
about any browser which will help you with that but the
easiest way I've found is to paste the youtube URL into
the text box on this site.
Click the 'Convert Video' button and the page will refresh
with a 'Download' link near the top of the page.

ClipConverter is a similar site which provides download
links in various video as well as audio formats.

Surely, in some circumstances, this would be useful.

A search engine aimed at business startups.

This search engine is for following the money. :)

This search engine is for law firms.

For stuck-at-home nature lovers, there are webcams.
Turtle cam. (click on Live Cameras) (click on LIVE CAMS)

What dumb laws are on the books in your state?

Aubrey and Angela (The Doubleclicks) - hypercute mondonerds.

This isn't a new story, this article is from January, 2012,
but it's a warm, meaningful, positive story that more than
bears repeating at regular intervals. [forbes dot com]
Because the point to the Traveling Red Dress is self
affirmation rather than self aggrandizement, the project
doesn't have its own website and the associated images
aren't easy to find (I think there's a pinterest page
showing some of them but I don't have or want a pinterest
account so they wouldn't let me look at the page) but a
google search on Traveling Red Dress should keep you busy
for as long as your interest holds out. :)

On the allure of out-of-print books. [publishingperspectives dot com]

A friend of mine was looking for some legally-usable music
to play in the background of a video he was making.

The Cactus Cuties are extremely adorable.

Do you need a hard-to-find metal for your science project?

This is a game which you may or may not be able to figure

Remember when it was costly and sometimes difficult to find
books to read? I'm sure glad those days are gone. [iheartintelligence dot com]

Ok, it's just a heath food commercial and who knows if the
product they're pushing is any good but the commercial is


Zeppelin, like you've never, ever heard them.

As well as being a high school student, this young lady is
a phenomenally good drummer.


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Web-sibling Vinette DePhillipe recommends a shark break.

Norm Koeckritz, long-time reader and staunch supporter of
this virtual rag, sent us a link to this cute little song
which has, no doubt, had serious impact on United.

Lesley Wilson sent us a huge list of interesting sites,
many of which you surely know about already, but all of
which are worth mentioning so I'll be listing a few of
them in each of the next several issues. Here's part one:
Knowledge & Education

Thank you Vinette, Norm and Lesley.


I sure do dislike cold weather. I think the weather should
spring forward before the clock but it looks like it's not
going to make it. :) Hope you have a warm place where you
can hangout on cold days.

We went grocery shopping last evening and, because we
haven't done that in a while and our pantry was becoming
lean, spent far more than usual but it was a fun trip.
Grocery shopping is one of our favorite recreational
activities or, more accurately, adventures. It was my
intention to write my closing statement and get this posted
a little after midnight but I forgot so here I am, wrapping
it up on the morning of the first.

Later today I'll host Open Mic, along with my band, at Pats
bar in nearby Buchanan Dam (it's a 20 minute drive) but I
won't have my favorite back-up singer and sound engineer
(Lisa) because her cold is far worse than mine so she's
going to have to stay home. I'm sure I'll feel bereft. It's
very unusual for me to go anywhere or do anything without
her but, even if you're just a seldom-paid, beer-joint,
weekend-warrior, guitar player, the show must go on. You'll
have to google for the joke, if you're curious, but the
punchline is 'What, and give up show business? :)

See you next time.



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