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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#220 May 1, 2017 from
It just keeps raining at just the right intervals for me to
be unable to finish mowing the lawn. When I finish the final
patch, the patch I started on last week already needs to be
mowed again. I've heard several people mention the
possibility of acquiring one or more goats which is starting
to sound like a pretty good idea to me but our place is not
entirely fenced. I wonder if goats can be trained to a
leash? Oh well, it might be more cost effective to just
keep mowing every chance I get.

Here we go.


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Are you still using Windows Vista? It has hit its official
"End Of Life" and is no longer a supported Operating System
but if your machine (whether it's a desktop or a laptop) is
dual core, 64 bit, there's at least a chance it will be
able to run Windows 10 and if you're a fairly savvy user
you may be able to upgrade on the cheap. There are several
places where you can buy a valid Windows 10 key and you
can use any Windows machine with a DVD burner to download
and create a fresh Windows 10 installation disk. If you're
interested, send me an email and I'll provide specific
details. I've set up three brand new Windows 10 systems
(so far) using older hardware, each of which was very
affordable and I'll happily tell you how I did it.
Note: Windows 7 or 8 users can also upgrade in the same
manner though your OS hasn't yet reached its End Of Life.

Kurt Quinn is an ordinary sort of guy who just happens to be
very good at talking backwards.

An amazing four year old girl who speaks seven languages.

Alexa Meade's art is either realistically surreal or
surrealistically real. I'm not sure which.

All the stuff people really need to say anonymously.

I think this is totally awesome.

Almost from the moment I discovered Linux I've been a bit
of a "distro-hopper". To explain; each version of Linux
is called a distribution, or "distro" for short and a
distro-hopper is someone who can't quite settle on which
distro he likes, so he keeps "hopping" from one to another.
Lisa and I have each have a favorite distro that we
mostly stay with but I'm constantly trying different
distros on other machines. I've recently gotten the itch
to do a little hopping and here are a few distros I'm
interested in trying.
There's also usually one distro that we recommend people
install for reliable, user-friendly, every-day use. That
distro is, currently, Linux Mint 18.1 (the Xfce version).

How many Charlie Chaplans can you fit into a party? []

Hadacol, the last of the Medicine Shows. [mentalfloss cot com]

I have a few web friends who live in India and I decided
that I might be able to gain insight into their culture by
watching some Indian movies. I had no trouble finding a
youtube page that offers entire Indian movies with English
subtitles but the English used in the subtitles is just
plain awful. I watched about a half hour of one film before
I just couldn't take it any more. You've been warned. :)

It's possible that some people have had difficulty
with the Windows 10 Creators update. [thewindowsclub dot com]

A dozen utilities for Windows users. [pcworld cot com]

Here's some links from Lisa (thank you dear).

All about breakfast cereal. Important stuff!

Run into a paywall when trying to access research papers?
Install Unpaywall, a free, legal browser extension.

These miniature rooms are almost beyond belief.

How to care for a good silk scarf. [maitaispicturebook dot com]

Need to brush up on your English grammar? These easy,
progressive lessons are actually fun!

A good introduction to mind mapping with FreeMind.

Tony Buzan's book on mind-mapping, free.

Sometimes you just need to make a timeline.

Different styles of note-taking.

This survey will help a student at the University of
Texas write her research paper on levels of political
engagement before and after the 2016 election. [docs dot google dot com]

Alfred Hitchcock on the secret of happiness. [brainpickings dot org]

Nearly daily photos of Charlie the Coyote for the
the last ten years.

I found out that I'm not a manaic, I'm a
mulitpotentialite. There's help out there.

The new Google Earth is amazing.

Concrete art. Beautiful.

I just found out about gabions.


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We've had a very musical weekend. We played in a bar on
Friday night, at the art gallery on Saturday evening and
at an afternoon jam session earlier today (Sunday). the
low point of the weekend was early Saturday morning when
I fell out of bed. I haven't done that since I was a kid
and I don't recall it being that big a deal at the time
but let me tell you, it's a big deal when you're a
grown-up. I skinned my left arm, hurt my big toe and
wrenched both shoulders. I've got a handful of aches and
pains helping me really feel my age right now. On Friday
night I danced with Lisa briefly, to the jukebox, while
we were on break. She smiled and advised me that we're
living "la vida loca" (the crazy life).  I figure it
beats the alternative by a long shot. Life is good.
Love is wonderful.

See you next time.

Don (and Lisa)


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