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#240 February 1, 2019 from
First words:

Until this year I'd never heard of a 'polar vortex'. How
about you? I'm glad it hasn't affected us much here in
Texas but I'm worried about friends and family who live in
mid-western states. If there are shortages of natural gas
or electrical outages there will be deaths. Here's hoping
everyone survives it in good health.

Off we go.


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The website says 'darktable is an open source photography
workflow application and raw developer' and while I'm not
certain what that means it looks like it might be a pretty
cool app if you're a photo-junkie.

A fancy screen capture/share app.

Creating Data is a digital monograph-in-progress by Ben
Schmidt about the data collected by the US Government
in the 19th century.

The language of the state of the union. [theatlantic dot com]

Gendered language in teacher reviews. [benschmidt dot org]

What do you get when you cross a screenshot with an
optical character reader?

A growing number of computer users are making the leap to
Open Source operating systems and or software.
Understandable given that Open Source software is free and
this has resulted in a very commonly asked question: "What
is the Open Source alternative to my favorite application?"
Here is a website which offers answers to these questions.
Are you bilingual or multilingual? You can use your language
skill to assist students all over the world by translating.
You can also help by proofreading or accuracy checking.
The Khan Academy can use your help.

We love hot sauce and we're fortunate enough to live in a
place where our favorite supper market has around sixteen
feet of shelving, six feet tall, covered with a wondrous
assortment of hot sauces but some hot sauce lovers aren't
so fortunate. For them, there is the Fuego Box.

John Wilhelm claims to be a photoholic.

A nerdy-cool youtube channel.

A free version of Microsoft Teams. [office dot com]

All about recycling.

An online magazine for those who're over fifty.

My tablet runs ever so much faster when I put it in airplane
mode, because it stops trying to get online. If you're doing
something that doesn't require you to be online. The same is
true of Windows 10.

Top 5 free Dictionary and Thesaurus apps for Windows 10. [thewindowsclub dot com]

If you're nerdy and intense abut internet privacy, this
is for you (but not for me, it's way over my head). :) [zdnet dot com]

A simple image resizer for Windows.

I needed a diagram for an unusual chord fingering the other
day and coudn't find one on the web but I did find an online
generator that let me 'program' the chord I needed.
There was a time when I'd have used a free software, from
Jon Thysell, called Chordius to create the chord diagram
I needed but it won't run on newer versions of Linux. It will,
however, run very nicely on newer versios of Windows.

There's lots of interesting info at the Museum of Broadcast

The Internet Archive is a non-profit library of millions of
free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more.

Project Wild is all about caring for and conservation of

Clear Linux is a distribution that's focused mainly on the
cloud. Read about...
Get it...

Here's a youtube channel for your kids or grandkids.

The 18th century cooking channel.

Windows 10 guides for beginners from Microsoft. [thewindowsclub dot com]

Asocial media network I've heard of
but haven't joined.
And another.

We've a neighbor who's getting into rock collecting
so I did some research on the subject. [instructables dot com] [clemson dot edu] [miningmatters dot ca] [mamasminerals dot com] [janrasmussen dot com]

The 72 PPI web resolution myth (by Steve Patterson). [photoshopessentials dot com]

My granddaughter asked me what's bigger than a terabyte so
we asked google and learned about petabytes, exabytes,
zettabytes, yottabytes, brontobytes and geobytes (whew). [techtarget dot net]
Then we learned about Flops which are a whole nuther thing.

An awesome site for women who write.

These days you can run Windows on your Linux or Mac machine,
or you can run Linux on your Windows or Mac machine, or you
can run Mac on your Linux or Windows by using VirtualBox.
Nerdy, but cool.

Really unusual coffins. [nmfh dot org]
More from the National Museum of Funeral History.

Geology and Earth Science news and information.

A friend of ours recommended this article to us.

My (virtual) friend Randy made himself a web page that shows
time and temperature. If you've enough web savvy to edit it
you can customize it to work for you too. [pimpingthepenguin dot com]


Some stuff from Lisa.

In an effort to try to help Don this month, I got links
by going over the last few days of Search History in
Google Chrome. It seems I look up a lot of stuff. That's
what this is all about, right, sharing your finds with
your friends? 

There is a lot of great information on the SS website,
including a retirement benefit estimator.

A cool way to make your own 'rubber' stamp.

How to 'cradle' a wood panel for painting.

Ursula K. Le Guinâ€TMs Daily Routine:
The Discipline That Fueled Her Imagination []

Marie Kondo's 'Tidying Up' regimen annoys some people.
Here's a possible explanation. []

I really like Sand Globes and have made a few.

Hand exercises for stroke patients (or anyone). []

AARP Tax Aide will help you do your personal tax filing
for free. You don't have to be 'a certain age'. []

In 1866, at the age of 18, Vinnie Ream was selected by
the U.S. Congress to sculpt a memorial statue
of President Abraham Lincoln.

An artist's Descent Into Alzheimer's Disease. []

Yes, I know you're crazy to garden, but don't bother
putting warm-weather crops in cold soil. []

Just feeling silly and need some Steve Martin?


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Last words:

I hope your year is as interesting and challenging as ours
has been so far (we've been very busy playing music with
friends at jam sessions) and may you be blessed with love,
health and happiness.

See you next month.

Don Crowder
Friday, February 1, 2019 12:54 AM
Buchanan Lake Village
served by the US Post Office in
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas


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