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#279 May 1, 2022  from Don Crowder
First words:

Spring in Albuquerque consists of warm days and cool nights
and I like that just fine.  I know that both days and
nights are going to be a lot warmer in the Summer but I'm
ok with that too. I've always said that I can work with
sweat in my eyes but when my feet get cold I'm going to the
house (that's Southern-speak for going home). As an added,
truly priceless bonus, my COPD and allergy symptoms are
all but gone here. That doesn't do anything for the other
encroaching symptoms of normal aging, like deteriorating
vision, osteoarthritis and a random assortment of aches
and pains every morning but what would life be without a
few challenges?

Let's get started . . .


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It's embarrassing to be taken in by a fraud but by reporting
it you may help prevent someone else from being taken in.

Eclectic and esoteric science news.

Zoom earth.

Legal stuff.

What would you like to learn?

Release your inner DIY passion.

Cemetery records online.

I love libraries.

The American Library Association.

They claim to have invented the hamburger.

Connoisseurs of lunch boxes.

Daily updates on your cosmos and world.

Earth and moon viewer and solar system explorer.

StarDate is the public education and outreach arm of the
University of Texas McDonald Observatory.

Solar and heliospheric observatory.

Mahjong and gaming stuff.

All sorts of world statistics.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is
responsible for keeping people safe on America's

Strange and unusual references.

They say I'll die sometime in late July (of this year).
I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Are you looking for a job?

The Phrontistery is dedicated to expanding the study and
enjoyment of English words and wordplay through the medium
of the Internet.

Mix People magazine, with Popular Science and you'll be
fairly close to this one.

A nerdy word app and text editor.

U.S. History.

Neuroscience for kids.

A collaboration site for international artists.

What would you like to know or learn about LibreOffice?

A gaming site for kids.

It's about prime numbers.

Let's make some rope.

Ben Eden is a communicator, photojournalist and a fine-art
documentary photographer and videographer.

Digital photography resources.

Original wildlife images from Africa.

A Lexical Database for English.

Andrée Peel: The heroine of the French Resistance who rescued 102 allied pilots.

The world's largest collection of books, toys and movies
for smart, confident, and courageous girls.

I never really learned to read music so this seems to me
like it's just going to make things more complicated but
some folks think it's a good idea.

Let's go dancing.


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Last words:

I enjoy creating this publication but it seems a little
harder to get it done every time  Once before I decided
that I'd give it up when my subscriber count fell below
300 but when that happened, I just couldn't give it up.
Now I'm considering giving it up on my 300th issue. That
will be two years and seven months from now. What do you
think, will I make it?

Best regards to one and all.  I wish you love, luck,
health and happiness.

See you next time.

Don Crowder
Saturday, April 30, 2022,  11:05 PM (MDT/MST)
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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