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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#197 April 1, 2015 from

Spring has finally arrived, albeit somewhat reluctantly,
in central Texas and the roadside wild flowers were very
happy with out wet winter and are getting off to a great
start. I'll try to link to some photos in the next issue
since they aren't totally 'up to speed' quite yet.

Just in case you're apprehensive about it, I don't do
pranks on the first of April (but I try to be patient
with those who do) so this is just another of my usual
interesting, business-as-usual issues. :)

Let's get started.


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The girl who gets gifts from birds.

A collection of beautiful landscape photography and animals
from all around the globe.

Have you gotten into eBooks yet?

I remember when news agregators were a big deal. Not so big
any more, but still out there.

Need some pictures?

A thoroughly modern home-maker.

A portal site to a pinterest account which seems to be
mainly about European things. Is this a new thing?

Most sites like this are things of the past.

Freeware reviews.

A portal to kids sites. [johnthurlow dot com]

I'm not at all sure what it is, but it looks interesting.

Alicia Marie is a better than average blues guitarist.

The evils of tobacco.

All about automobiles.

The Sound of Music was based on a true story, sort of.

I despise sites that have sound turned on by default but
this is a good site, and a fast click where it says
'Sound On' turns of the sound. A painless guide to the
Theory of Relativity. Very cool.

Three choices for a virtual fortune cookie. [horoscope dot com]

I think it's extremely cool that google wants to rank
websites based on the facts they present. [newscientist dot com]

Who likes Bluegrass music?

Dogs are awesome.

National Geographic's collecting of great photos.

Abandonware is software that is no longer under development
and is no longer claimed by its author/s.

All about Old Time Radio.

I've never been into dolls, except for my Hoppy (Hopalong
Cassidy) doll which mom burned when I was five, but these
are awesome.

A lot of Windows vulnerability comes from add-ons but they,
like Windows itself, get frequent patches so this might
seem a little extreme but it is interesting. [pcworld dot com]

Strangely cute. Check out her videos.

I recently repaired a broken knob on one of my mic stands
with this stuff and it worked great.
I also did some research into other plastic possibilities.

I visited this place where there was all sorts of music but
I'd never heard of any of the artists or ever heard any of
the songs. Strange dream? Nope, just the internet.


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Good news for American 'old people' from our web-sibling
John Lepse. :) [onmogul dot com]

On facebook I almost never notice when somebody 'pokes" me
(it's just a cute way to say hello) so I called myself a
slowpoke. Web-sibling and facebook friend Sandi Martin
responded with a link to this vintage tune.

Thank you John and Sandi.


Here I am wrapping it up late again (it's been the first of
April for an hour now, by my time) but my editor is very
flexible about my deadlines. :) Yes, I'm my own editor.

So, I hope you found something here that made it worth the
time you spent with me. Best regards to one and all,
see you next time.



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