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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#189 July 1, 2014 from

Welcome to another issue of one of the web's few surviving
ezines.  I get a kick out of feeling I've distinguished
myself as an ezine editor simply by having continued to
publish, however sporadically, well into the second decade
of the 21st century.  That's how life is I guess, sometimes
persistence and tenacity count for more than talent.  :)

Don't have much this time but some of it's fairly
interesting.   Let's get started.


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Frankly, guitarists are probably better off just buying
whatever effects pedals they want to use, but I was
astounded at the number of DIY options out there.  Here
are a few of the many sites I found. [mammothelectronics dot com]

Playing For Change just released their third album.
It comes as a CD along with a DVD with videos of
the performances.  We'll be ordering it soon along
with another copy of their first CD/DVD release,
because we made the mistake of loaning it out and
it never came home again.   :(
Of course if you don't want to spend the money you
can just hang out on their youtube channel and
listen to some  awfully good music.

Hey Americans, the government wants to help you save

Well, don't just stand there.

My kids grew up with some really awesome programs on
American public television (none of which existed
when I was kid).  Not all of them survived but one
of those programs which didn't survive, Reading Rainbow,
is planning to come back in a big way.  To facilitate
their comeback they set up a kickstarter program to raise
a million dollars.   As I type this, their project will end
in 39 hours and has raised about four million, seven hundred thousand dollars! [kickstarter dot com]

The fight isn't over, but it looks like net neutrality is
a dead issue in America.  Here's some pertinent commentary.

They claim anybody can learn to be a programmer.

Are you into art?

Google now offers domain registry but, like most of their
new services, while it's in beta, it's by invitation only.
That's all well and good, but I don't know anyone who I can
hit up for an invitation.  :(

Have you drawn a stickman lately?  I drew one but he was
pretty lame.

This might, ultimately, be a pretty cool recipe site.  Just
click out the little window 'begging' you to log in to look
the site over.

Do you know an advanced guitar player?  If so, pass on
this page full of awesome videos.

Marcello Barenghi is a pretty phenomenal artist.

I'm not sure I have a reader who has been with me longer
than Irv Stein.  Irv's dedication to the Windows OS is as
intense as my own dedication to Linux.  Just lately I've
tried hard to convince XP users to put off the need to
purchase a new computer by installing Kubuntu on their
XP machine (thereby making it faster and far safer to
use on the web).  Irv's solution for XP users is
considerably less ethical but perhaps less intimidating. [davecomputertips dot com]


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with occasional help from my wife, Lisa Miller.
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That's it for this one.  If you want to see more next time
then ask me a few questions to fuel my muse.

Lisa decided she'd have more fun with her ukulele if she
had friends to play with so she's starting a ukulele club.
Since she set a date for the first meeting (July 24th)
she's been practicing like crazy because she doesn't want
to be the worst player there.  :)  So the ukulele club is
giving her lots of incentive, if not in quite the manner
she imagined.  :)

Life is good, love is wonderful.  I wish you health,
happiness, love and laughter.

See you next time,



The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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