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#208 May 1, 2016 from
You're never too old to be pleasantly surprised. Last night,
after our Highland Lakes Ukulele Club meeting, we went out
to dinner with friends and I ordered a Mexican dish I'd
never tried. It's called 'Machacada con huevo' and it's made
with dried beef and eggs. Doesn't sound like much but wow,
it was excellent. Then we went and shot a couple of games
of pool. Lisa had only ever played pool once, I hadn't
played in over 30 years and the other couple seemed to have
about the same level of experience. We did a lot of
fumbling, there were no smashing upsets, and we had fun.
Have you done anything new or unusual lately?  If not, you
might think about doing so. I highly recommend it. :)


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I have Jeanne Robertson to thank for the fact that Lisa
often calls me 'Left Brain'. I'm not sure how I feel about
that but can't help but love Jeanne. She's a funny lady.

Here are some great videos from one of my new favorite
acapella singing groups.

Alexa Meade's art is a fascinating fusion of fantasy and
reality. She only has a few videos up but I'm sure more
are forthcoming. Talent will out.

Scroll down a bit and click on a play button to hear some
good music from Terri Hendrix (I liked Hand Me Down Blues).

When I was a kid I learned how to wind and spin a top but
I sure never took it to this level. These guys rock!

These young ladies are some fine singers.

Camile Sanders is a wonderful singer. [youtube dot com]

Sierra Hull is a joy to see and hear.

Tarot is sort of like the a European take on fortune
cookies but with more words and no cookie.  :)

It's good to see there's still a country in the world
nurturing and encouraging its citizens.

Smarter Every Day. I like the sound of it, don't you?

A friend asked me how to sell stuff on eBay. My answer was
to ask eBay, they'll help you any way they can.

Have you any electronics hobbyists in the family?


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Ok, that's it for this one. I guess they get shorter every
time but I still try to keep them interesting. Hope you
found something you liked in this one.  See you next time.



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