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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#216 January 1, 2017 from
Welp, we made it through another one, for whatever that's
worth. Happy New Year y'all. A lot of celebrities died in
2016 but I think we may have seen only the tip of the
iceberg as post WWII baby-boomers (and their favorite
celebrities) continue to age. I'm one of those baby-boomers
and am beginning to feel the weight of my 68 years but I'll
hold on for as long as I can and have no complaints. It's
been a wonderful and rewarding ride. May the same be true
for each of you.

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I can't think if a gift for a child that would be any
more valuable than a book. This is awesome.

Movies in the Public Domain. [openculture dot com]

I was looking for a way to paste some musical notes into
a facebook comment a while back (âTM«) when I discovered
this interesting website.

A social media search engine. Userful or not?

When I encounter a website that looks as though it might be
worthy of sharing in this publication I save it to the
'Ezine' folder in my bookmarks. When I'm working on the
ezine I usually open five links at a time, then review and
either delete or post them one at a time. I've been sitting
here, wearing my headphones, working on my ezine for the
past few minutes wondering where the noise was coming from
but nevertheless busily working away. So, now that I've
figured it out, I can assure you that this website really
works the way it was intended. I had it the default,
Morning Murmur setting.

Of possible interest to Firefox users.

The 'technical' term for the song stuck in your head is
'earworm'. When you have an earworm, this site claims to be
able to assist you in getting rid of it though there's some
chance you might just be replacing it.

Presley Barker is a talented young guitarist.

If you're handy with your hands, have $20 in your pocket
and are bored, this is for you.

Here's another of those transportation alternatives you've
been hearing about in the news.

I'm an animal lover. I especially love dogs. For me, this
was a very moving story.

Every heard the term 'first person shooter'? Here's one.

Ever heard of Por-Bazhyn? [world-archaeology dot com]

Having one's DNA analyzed has become a big deal. I'm really
curious about my own genetic heritage but the tests are
still a little pricey for me. I've decided to wait for one
that's under $50. Granted, that could take a while.

If your computer stays at home all the time and you're the
only person who ever uses it, doesn't it seem a little
redundant to have to log in with a password every time
you boot it up? There's a solution (Vista or later).

A list of things Windows users might find useful to know. [online-tech-tips dot com]

A nerdy podcast.

Are you using fast startup on your Windows 10 machine?
You should review the pros and cons. [howtogeek dot com]

If you have a fairly new Windows 10 machine that seems
slow and a little frustrating to use, this article might
be of service to you. [pcworld dot com]

I haven't seen this film yet but, having grown up as an
Army brat, I'm interested in it.

Lisa and I were reviewing our water bill and realized we
had no idea how to determine whether or not we have a water
leak somewhere. Running the calculations on this website
showed us that our water usage is pretty much on the money
so chances are good that we don't have any leaks.

There are distinct advantages to using a third party DNS
server. [howtogeek dot com]

Not long ago I bought a $9 CHIP computer. The actual cost
was closer to $25 by the time I got a VGA card, case and
power supply but it's a cool little toy.
Raspberry Pi has just introduced a $5 model (Raspberry Pi
Zero) but a few minutes of research shows that the various
adapters required to make it usable to me would make it
about the same price I paid for the CHIP.

Ed Bott is a very good tech writer. Here's a list of his
articles on ZDNet.

I sure do love chocolate.  You? [thinkinghumanity dot com]

Tamales are a Texas (and Mexican) Christmas tradition and
I've really been enjoying them but Lisa hasn't, because she
can't eat corn. We're going to address that problem next
Christmas by making some grain-free, corn-free Tamales
after having found this interesting recipe. []

Here I am with a huge sweet tooth. This really sucks. [huffingtonpost dot com]

If you're still using Windows XP or Vista and your browser
of choice is Firefox, you're about to be abandoned.
My suggestion is that it may be time for you to think
about switching to Linux. Drop me a line if you need help.

So far I've only read the title of this article. For some
reason it's really hard for me to read beyond that. [wsj dot com]

Here's a few links from Lisa.

There are tons of things you can do with scarves.
Break out some of your nicest ones to brighten your day. [youtube dot com] [youtube dot com] [youtube dot com]

Beautiful Zen gardens. [bestchoiceschools dot com]

The 'ring vaccination' technique, borrowed from the
smallpox eradication eradication efforts,
effectively stopped ebola spread.

Bob Ross and Steve Ross, painters.

Traditional Japanese Hakata dolls.

Thank you Lisa.


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May you enjoy the best of health, happiness, luck and
success in the new year. See you next time.

Don Crowder
Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas 11:57 PM, Decenber 31, 2016.


The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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