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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#199 July 1, 2015 from
It's a short one this time. Lisa and I have been busy with
both bands, the ukulele club and assorted other adventures.
I just finished loading up out dehydrator with four trays
of garden fresh tomatoes. Once they're well dried I'll grind
them into powder in our spice grinder. Tomato powder makes
really awesome pasta sauce. We had a wet Spring and early
Summer this year so everyone in the village who gardens has
enjoyed bumper crops. We've been generously blessed with
some of their surplus, mainly consisting of a half dozen
varieties of squash, fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and even a
few fresh onions. The challenge is to use everything and not
waste any of it. So far, so good. :)

So, let's get started.


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I'm fascinated by Mitochondrial Eve. I was aware that
scientists have long believed that human life began in
Africa but the thought of having a very real, very human
ancestor in common with everyone else on earth is awesome.

I couple of weeks ago a friend asked me to make google the
homepage and default search engine in Internet Explorer on
his Windows 7 machine. Of course I first tried to talk him
into switching to Firefox, Google Chrome or even Opera
because any of them are slightly less vulnerable to the
bad guys on the web but he wouldn't budge on that. Making
google his homepage was easily done but I found that there
was no easy way to make google his default search engine.
The instructions were originally written for Internet
Explorer 7 but they still work just fine.

Note: The most common computer Operating System in the world
is Windows. The browser most commonly used by people who
lack experience on the web is Internet Explorer. For these
reasons, when a bad guy sets out to code a malware to rip
people off, his best chance of success will come from
writing his malware specifically to attack Windows machines
which are using Internet Explorer. Windows and Internet
Explorer aren't intrinsically more vulnerable to malware,
they're just more frequently targeted by the bad guys.
This is why Mac users are far safer on the web than Windows
users and and Linux users (like me) are safest of all.
Linux practically owns the internet at the server level but
desktop users of Linux represent such a tiny percentage of
the web population that there's quite literally no money in
designing malware to target home users of Linux.

Who's up for a little free reading from a very modern, very
cool author?

So, what's your personality type?

Inhyeok Yeo was born in Korea, grew up in Japan and went to
high school in the USA and Korea. He's a wonderfully
talented acapella and a fascinating young man.

Speaking of really good acapella music, how about this one.

Android is a variety of Linux. Remix OS is a cool variety
of Android. [liliputing dot com]

Thinking of starting a blog and wondering where to start?


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That's it then.  I'll try to make the next issue a little
longer. A couple of years back I decided to keep writing
this ezine until issue #200 or the subscriber count fell
below 300, whichever happened first but I've pretty much
changed my mind. I'm not going to get stressed out about
missing an issue or my subscriber count. As long as there
are a few of you out there who still look forward to
hearing from me, I'll keep trying to get an issue out every
month. After 13 years, writing an ezine has become something
of a habit, even if they are out of fashion. :)

Best regards to one and all!



The Internet:  A Weapon of Mass Instruction.

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