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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#258 August 1, 2020 from
First words:

Have you noticed how some benign, useful websites are
nevertheless flagged by your browser as 'Not secure'?
This is because the website doesn't have an
'SSL Certificate'. What the heck is that?
A little more in depth...

The thing is, the lack of an SSL certificate doesn't
mean the website is dangerous or unsafe. It does mean
that it would be unsafe to type in sensitive information
to a page on that website but there are hundreds of sites
which lack SSL certificates but nevertheless offer useful
information. These are sites that don't ask for information
and aren't selling anything meaning there's nothing unsafe
or insecure about them. My personal site, for example,
lacks an SSL certificate and is thus marked 'Not secure'
by your browser.  This is mainly because my web host is
Godaddy. Most modern web hosts provide your site with an
SSL certificate as a standard part of your hosting
package. Godaddy, on the other hand, charges extra for it
and  I feel like they already get enough of my money so
I refuse to pay extra for something I don't even need
(because my site is strictly non-commercial).  I plan to
eventually move my site to google sites, where hosting,
as well as the SSL certificate, are costless but there's
a learning curve to google sites and I find it more than
a little intimidating so heaven only knows when I'll
overcome my anxiety enough to get it done.

I'm always reluctant to list a site that shows the 'Not
secure' message but sometimes it's a good site, worthy
of mention, so I do it anyway.

I'm still loving the cool nights and mornings in
Albuquerque, New Mexico and the incredible novelty
of being able to breath through my nose because my
allergies are far less troublesome here. Yes, it gets
hot during the summer days but right this minute
(12:30 PM on Friday, July 31st) it's 90°F (32°C)
in Albuquerque with low humidity so there's no heat
index to consider while in Tow, Texas. where I was until
quite recently, it's 91°F (33°C) with 49% humidity so
it 'feels like' 99°F (37°C). I'm way cooler now. :)

Anyway, let's get started...


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Speaking of insecure sites, here's one I like well enough to
list anyway. This date in (twisted) history.

Bodies, bones, relics, lore and oddities from the Catholic
church on Elizabeth Harper's interesting site.

Each photo on this page shows a picture postcard from days
gone by. A moment later, the image will change to a recent
photo of the same location. [flashbak dot com]
More interesting photos from the same site.

If you're a writer, whether you're writing songs, poems,
cookbooks or novels. you need to learn about copyrights.

The Persistence of Vision Raytracer is a high-quality,
free software tool for creating stunning three-dimensional
graphics (check out the Hall of Fame images).

An interesting site for photography buffs.

As someone who doesn't have cable I think it's very cool
that I don't need cable to watch the DIY Network.

For over 30 years the Electronic Frontier Foundation
has aggressively promoted and defended digital
privacy and freedom of speech in digital media.

An animated GIF is a sort of 'stop action' movie, made
by sequentially displaying a series of still GIF images
and this tiny software lets you make your own animated
GIF from your own images.

One of the largest free information databases available

The largest freely available archive of online books
about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric
on the Internet.

A resource for therapists, educators, environmentalists,
storytellers and tree lovers.

In an era when news sources are often putting partisan
spin on their coverage or, in extreme cases, broadcasting
outright lies it's good to know there are still a couple
of comparatively trustworthy news sources.

Medal of Honor and (US) military history.

My age was still in single digits when I learned who
Mel Blanc was. He was the voice of Bugs Bunny, Porky
Pig, Foghorn Leghorn, Yosemite Sam, Woody Woodpecker
and literally hundreds of other cartoon animated
characters who I grew up with. While Mel was perhaps
the brightest star in the voice acting industry, he
was far from being the only star as I recently
learned when I discovered this youtube channel.

Demotivators literally started out as jokes on the
internet but people loved them and wanted to buy them
so now they're a real thing. I love 'em.

Do you remember when every computer, tower or laptop,
had a sticker on it somewhere with a 25 digit Windows
'key' on it? That sticker was called a 'COA' which
stands for 'Certificate of Authenticity' and if your
computer ever suffered a failed hard drive or some
other catastrophe which require you to re-install
Windows, you had to have that 25 digit key in order
to get the job done. There is no such sticker on a
lot of new computers. That means you'll be unable
to re-install Windows (because you don't have the
key).  Microsoft says that you won't need the key
with Windows 10 because Windows 10 will detect that
it was previously installed and 'automatically
reactivate' to which my personal reaction is
'Yeah, right'. Microsoft will tell you the nerdy
way to recover your key . . . [microsoft dot com]
but there's an easier way.

The CDC's Public Health Image Library has some
real 'icky' pictures in it.

Are there any computer programmers in your family?

Online math and educational games.

A search engine for radio stations.

A fairly random site.

Graphics and such.

US government's health information site.

Stand strong with women in cancer treatment.

Sites like this make me hungry.

A freeware that gives GIF images smaller file

The Design Technology Department provides free educational
materials for schools and colleges.

Interactive mathematics miscellany and puzzles.

The Lewis Carroll Society of North America.

Back when I had to learn HTML coding in order to do my job
I got most of my training, at no expense, from these guys.

One of the best site around when it comes to movies.

An excellent free learning site.

Some of America's best public radio and television programs
come from these folks in Boston, Massachusetts.

The US SBA's Business guide.

Quite possibly the Internet's best resource for math and

There's nothing like the quiet atmosphere and ambiance of a
library but a good digital library might be the next best

Here is where a love for dollhouse scale miniatures is
shared among new Internet friends.

An extremely biased and unbalanced news site.

News for your aching back.

All about archery (bows and arrows).

Stephanie Law calls her art Shadowscapes.

Resources for songwriters.

I'm not at all into 'death' as a topic but I really like
this woman's videos.

Music and Open Source software.

A really good a cappella musical group.


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Last words:

I'm not sure where freelists' servers are physically
located but I know it's in the Central Standard Time Zone
(as is Texas) and I've always had to wait until a few
 minutes past midnight to post in order for my ezine to
archive correctly. If, for example, I posted this issue
before midnight CST it would be archived in July 2020
instead of August 2020. Since I moved to Albuquerque I'm
normally in bed and sound asleep by 10 PM so it would be a
real hardship to stay up until after midnight to post my
ezine but I'm now in Mountain Standard (or Mountain
Daylight) Time which is an hour ahead of Central time so I
only have to stay up until a few minutes after 11 PM to
post. It still leaves me yawning and feeling sleepy but
at least I don't have to stay up until midnight. Sure, I
could just post on the morning of the 1st and it would
archive correctly but I have early-rising readers who
expect this publication to be in their email when they get
out of bed on the morning of the first day of the month and
I'm not prepared to disappoint them. :) I may not be a
'real' journalist but I have standards.

I wish you love, luck, health and happiness. See you next

Don Crowder
Friday, July, 31, 2020,  11:05 PM (MDT/MST)
Albuquerque, New Mexico


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