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Current Issue of Don's Patch
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#202 October 1, 2015 from
It's 8:24 PM on the last day of September and I normally try
to post at a few minutes after midnight on the first day of
the month so I've go about three and a half hours to get
this issue finished. I guess it's a good thing my ezine
bookmarks folder doesn't have much in it. :)

Here we go...


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After raising three girls, with admittedly varying degrees
of success, empowering females is something I care very much

Lisa was encouraged to set up a booth, selling her artwork,
at a recent event in Llano and she was a little concerned
after reading that, in this day and age, a lot of folks
have stopped carrying cash in their pocket which fact could
possibly result in fewer sales unless she can figure out a
way to accept credit cards. We did some research and found
a solution at PayPal.
Now we just have to find a compatible smartphone that we
can afford (she's still using a flip-phone). :)

Reading about this proposed error code is disquieting.

I didn't write this article but I certainly could have. [linux dot com]

Here's a way you can learn to play some Latin Jazz, on your
instrument of choice, accompanied by a full band. Cool!

There are a lot of browser add-ons that will enable you to
download a youtube video or convert it to an mp3 file.
When I'm trying to learn a song I often put a copy of it on
a little portable mp3 player so I can listen to it as I'm
driving or mowing the lawn. Browser add-ons are sometimes a
little buggy or stop working for one reason or another so
I found some online tools.
To download a youtube video converted to an mp3 file.
To download the video itself (unconverted).

Chelsea Constable is a pretty awesome guitar player,
especially when accompanied by her sister Grace.

If you find an old camera at a flea market that still has
film in it, don't pass it by. Buy it, if you can get it for
a buck or less, and send it to this guy.

Oscar Peterson was an incredible pianist.
If you can spare an hour and twenty minutes to listen to
some great music, you'll find this worth your time.
I decided to listen to 'just a couple of tunes' and wound up
listening to the entire performance.

Nathan Leach, often accompanied by his sister Eva, is a very
talented young musician.

First courts went on TV to make entertainment out of the
process. I guess now they're just trying to make it easier.

Here's a classic website, made for a movie, that's still
online all these years later.

The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy is now online and
access is completely free.

Quartz is a digitally native news outlet.

This is a live, real-time flight radar tracking system.

Lacerant Plainer is a Science Fiction author who provides
stories in serial form on his blog. The one I'm currently
reading is called 'Conjunction'. You'll have to scroll down
a bit to get to episode one or a great deal further for the
preceding story.

When I started using Linux, in 2006, I deeply regretted
being unable to contribute to Open Source development
because I'm not a computer programmer and the learning curve
was just too intimidating so I've made my contributions to
Open Source at the user level, by assembling and giving away
complete Linux computer systems (I stopped counting at three
dozen but I suspect an accurate count would be over 50
systems by now). Ken Starks is a man who does the same
thing but on a tremendously larger scale. His company,
Reglue, have given away many hundreds of computer systems
over the years but times are tight and they need a new
delivery vehicle. I made a modest donation.  I hope you'll
consider doing the same. [indiegogo dot com]

A chase scene between a dachshund and a crab. No injuries
were sustained but I think the dogs feeling were hurt.

A real estate war between hermit crabs.

A pair of brothers who're into animation.

A free recording from a wonderful string quartet.


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Now it's 11:40 PM so I made with a few minutes to spare.
I'll need those few minutes to prepare the online version
for my website. Hoping all is well and wonderful in your
world.  Thanks for being a subscriber.  See you next time.



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