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#219 April 1, 2017 from
We have four large lots and I don't like to use the riding
mower because its tires always need air, its always out of
gas, its blades always need sharpening, and its battery is
always dead. It's slower to use the gasoline powered push
mower but it's an awful lot easier to get started and the
exercise is probably good for me. I just give myself four
days to get it all mowed, but we're having a wet Spring and
we've been busy with all sorts of things so I've had to
skip a few days. When I walked out the pick up the mail
(from our mailbox) today I noticed that the grass I
started on last week already needs mowing again and I still
haven't finished the first round. Bummer dude. Wet Springs
are good things for farmers and ranchers but not so good
for homeowners who hate to mow (sigh).

Here we go...


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A blog that focuses on Open Source in general and Linux in

Norah Jones with Wynton Marsalis - You Don't Know Me.

Not long ago I discovered wagashi. I've still not tasted
this beautiful Japanese confection but I'm so ready to.
For a quick exposure, here's a short video.
If you'd like to see more, this 28 minute video is good.

From an online magazine aimed at working women,
30 positive things to do to change your life.
More where that came from.

Ten things you can do to be happier. [blog dot bufferapp dot com]

U.S Federal Trade Commission scam alerts.

My friend Donnie Price only has one video on his youtube
channel but it's a good Western Swing tune.

This is a full-length movie about the backup singers who
were in so very many of the songs I grew up listening to.
I loved this movie and enjoyed getting to know these
wonderfully talented ladies who were previously unknown to
me. I have a host of new heroes to explore and learn about.

Apparently, one of the companies that accepts donated hair
to make wigs for cancer victims also charges them a great
deal of money for those wigs. I'm told that these folks
don't do that.


Resources for Windows users.

A resource for MS Office users.

Recovering accidentally deleted files. [techsupportalert dot com]

An adware removal tool. [bitdefender dot com]

Favorites missing or disappeared in
Internet Explorer on Windows 10. [thewindowsclub dot com]

How to use Process Explorer, Microsoft's free,
supercharged Task Manager alternative. [pcworld dot com]

Troubleshooting Windows update. [support dot microsoft dot com]


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Here's a few links from my wife Lisa.

The last roll of Kodachrome and the video. [npr dot org]

Timely news, AARP will prepare and e-file your taxes if
you have moderate-to-low income. We did it, it's great!

Cooking is science, delicious science.

David Goode, bronze sculptor.

Derek Kinsett, wire sculptor.

What women do when no one is judging them. [upshot dot net]

What happens if lots of people wear turbans? [facebook dot com]

Who is Angela Merkel, really?

Over 300 easy dinners. [delish dot com]

What's in a brain?

Why dentistry is separate from medicine. [theatlantic dot com]

I have no clothing budget. Thrift stores, my People. [thebillfold dot com]

The most colorful house in Texas.


Another down-side of a wet Spring is a massive influx of
allergens. I've never actually taken the test, I've just
assumed I'm allergic to pretty much everything and the
evidence has tended to support that contention. So I'll
just sniffle and sneeze of into the sunset. yeehaw.

May you enjoy the best of love, luck, health and happiness.

See you next time.

Don Crowder (with a little help from Lisa Miller)

12:18 AM,  Tow (rhymes with cow), Texas
April 1 (no fooling), 2017


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