Don's Patch Ezine, Criteria for Content
We carefully screen the websites we list for free, or some free content.   A site may be rejected for any of the following:

1.   Aggressive commercialism.

2.   Pop-up ads.

3.   Deceptive practices, like listing adware or demo products as "Freeware".

4.   Extreme political or religious views.

Sometimes a site is rejected for no special reason, just because it didn't feel "right" to us, and sometimes we make a mistake, listing a site we should have rejected.   We don't avoid commercial sites because some of them also have interesting free content.   If the content of the site is, in our estimation worth it, we may list a site which has pop-up advertising because nearly everyone has some sort of pop-up control on their browser these days.   We don't avoid politics and religion because they're part of life but we avoid extremism and we keep our own political and religious views to ourselves as much as possible.

Don Crowder and Lisa Miller
Sole owners and administrators of this site.

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