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Quick, easy, delicious crab cakes.
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Crab meat 2 six ounce cans
Bread 3 slices
Mayonesa 2 tablespoons
Parsley, chopped, fresh or dehydrated 1 tablespoon
Old Bay seasoning 1 teaspoon
egg 1, beaten

Any bread you like should work just fine but we like to use a generous wedge of our "Uncorn" bread (recipe index link at top or bottom center of page).   Few supermarkets in central Texas stock McCormick's Old Bay seasoning but HEB stores carry a store brand "Seafood Boil Seasoning" and most large chains are likely to have something similar.

Chop the bread into crumbs with a blender or food processor (or however you like).   Mix all ingredients together.   Form into three quarter inch thick cakes, three inches in diameter, and fry in butter, over medium heat for four minutes, turn and continue cooking for three or four minutes.   The tops should be crispy and brown.
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